Monday, May 30, 2016

$2.50 cheesesteak

I woke up around 8 today, did my God Time, and showered.  Still horribly depressed. 

We were (well, I was) going to the pet store to return the unwanted leash and harness.  Ron was going to hang out at Starbucks. 

Our ride was almost an hour late and then took the scenic route.  She said she hadn't seen us in a while so maybe she wanted to talk. 

We got there, walked in (Ron had left the walker at home and hung onto me), and got Ron his drink.  Everyone has "their" drink at Starbucks, except me.  Ron has a skinny vanilla latte with lots of splenda.  He got a 20 ouncer - 3 shots of espresso.  More on that later. 

The Kolache Factory was out of cream cheese, so I settled for bacon and cheese.  They were pretty good but I was really wanting more of a sweet.  I also got a diet soda. 

I went to the store.  I got the refund and shopped a little for cat food.  I bought a can of Blue Wilderness Red Meat feast (I think),and some other items.  I only spent $5. 

I came back to Ron and hung out with him while he drunk his coffee.  I finished my soda and read part of a newspaper. 

Our ride came.  A child was in the backseat watching a noisy program on a tablet.  The grandmother was riding in a wheelchair in the back.  For those of you who are Christians, you may find this as disturbing as I did - one little high pitched voice kept going on about "releasing the Halloween spirits".   Teaching kids to play with Bad Things.  Not good. 

Ron had an absolute hissy fit about having to listen to the program and called the head of the paratransit program.  I think they need to have a policy, if you have a device and you want to watch a program or play a game, you need to have headphones. 

It was really annoying.  Just because you act like that in a personal car doesn't mean you get to do that on paratransit.  Some people, like Ron, have a low tolerance for auditory "clutter" and get easily upset when things are talking or yapping at them. 

That's the head injury, although he was that way before the accident too.  It's just amplified. 

I do know this: a bus driver would have made them turn it off.  I've seen it. 

We got home.  It was cloudy so Ron decided to hang out on the catio while I took a nap.  I didn't have a problem with that, but 3 shots of espresso had him very loud and talkative on his cell phone, out on the catio. 

I had to get up and ask him to stop.  He did quiet down and "let" me sleep. 

When I got up (I had an odd dream last night - in it I was seeking another "elbow" of sleep, and complaining that no matter how much sleep I get I'm always tired - which is very true), I helped Ron organize his dresser and find his paratransit tickets.  He had mistaken some coupons for the tickets.  We threw out the coupons and replaced them with the proper tickets. 

Torbie came in and put her paw on Ron's hand, very gently, and he gave her treats.  I thought it was pretty cute.  I need to get a video of photo.  She also sleeps with him, curled against his left side, under his armpit.  She's a really nice cat.  I'll be glad when we fix her foot. 

I took some supplements and added a lot of vitamin C to my drink mix.  We had shared the couch area with two interesting souls, an Asian man, eating a banana, who kept picking dry skin off his lips, flicking it on the carpet; and a white guy reading a thriller and coughing wetly. 

The other day at Walmart we had a woman coughing wetly like that, she was wearing a surgical mask but had pulled it down so she could gossip with another woman.  She kept hacking and hacking.  I don't know what she had but I don't want to catch it. 

At any rate, I am taking more of the things I believe to be immune boosters.  I also had a cyst in a weird spot which is getting better from all the "attention". 

I'm almost done with the vitamin C drink. 

We have to get up early tomorrow: sandwiches.  Sales were pretty dead last week and I have leftovers. 

Ron also needs to adjust the order, more turkey and chicken, fewer hot dogs.  They aren't liking the hot dogs at present. 

Someone was complaining the other day, wanted us to sell cheesesteak.  I told him we couldn't sell cheesesteak for $2.50 (the current sandwich price).  He could get cheap, or he could get cheesesteak, and at present people wanted cheap.  He was kind of pissed but it's true.  It would probably cost US $2.50 to get a cheesesteak and we need to make a profit. 

We are not running a charity. 

Ron and the other vendor set prices and the other vendor has shown a shocking reluctance to raise any prices.  I don't know if it's because he doesn't want to change prices, or his wife doesn't want to hear the complaining when they do.  At any rate, we are "stuck" selling them for $2.50

Tomorrow should be busy, I have to reprogram bottled water rows, we got some 20 ounce Ozarka, which sells at $1.  I have to change 18 selection slots back to $1, from 75 cents. 

I always worry I'm going to forget how to do it. 

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