Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dinner out with Ron

You may wonder how that goes, dinner out with Ron. 

Well, in most cases it involves calling paratransit between 1-3 days before the event and scheduling a trip. 

Tonight, we were daring and called a cab.  The place was only about 2 miles from our home, anyway. 

After about half an hour, a cab showed up.  We got in and rode to our destination, a "Checkers" fast food restaurant.  I had read the menu to Ron, online, and he liked it. 

The driver offered to take us through the drive-through.  **Next time do that**

We got out after paying the man and went inside.  Ron was able to stand up long enough to order (we had left the mobility devices at home). 

We sat down and they got out food to us pretty quickly.  We got the "Baconzilla" combos, which, in my opinion, were better than the Sourdough Jack I usually eat when I'm having bacon. 

I had a waffle cone afterward, and it was good.  I took my medication. 

We called the first driver.  He was out of the area.  Ron called a couple more drivers.  No one was picking up. 

The secret to using a cab in Houston: cultivate a list of drivers and treat them very, very, well.  If you meet a nice, new, driver who's willing to work your area, save their number and add them to the list. 

Ron got hung up on, it seemed, by one driver, so he decided to call Yellow (cab). 

"Tell them" he said "There's a $5 tip in it for them." 

Pretty soon we heard a cab was on the way.  Good. 

He was a nice guy and got us home quick.  The fare was $6.40 cents.  Ron handed him a ten. 

"Ron" I scolded him "You said there would be a $5 tip.  You had better give that man at least another dollar!"  The driver grinned at me.  Ron produced an extra couple dollars.

Cultivate, and treat them well.  That means generous tipping.  If, that is, you ever want a ride anywhere. 

Later on the driver who "hung up" on Ron asked if he still wanted the ride.  Apparently he had had technical difficulties.  Happy to hear he didn't get hung up on. 

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