Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not for the squeamish

Him has a worm. 

That would be, Biscuit. 

I picked him up and he left it on my wrist.  Ewwwww!  You can bet I scrubbed and scrubbed. 

We need to take them in for a tune up anyway, she can dose him with worm stuff while she's got him.  Biscuit is a very good boy for her unless she tries to draw blood.  When she got blood for the FLV test, he scratched her back. 

He is otherwise sweet and loving. 

Anyway, my day.  I got up around 8.  I had a horrible headache.  I took something and drank a soda, and did my God Time. 

I got a new shower cleaner.  I tried that in the bathroom being careful to keep it away from the natural stone tiles, and seemed to see some improvement.  I think if I keep using it every week or so I will get it sparkling in no time.  The faucet assembly sure looks good. 

Since I had to rinse the shower cleaner anyway, (I had scrubbed it in addition to letting it set) I took a shower.  That helped the headache somewhat. 

I got on the computer for a while and noticed some activity at #2, several ignorant-sounding guys yelling and playing music.  I don't know if they were working on the paint or what.  They mowed the yard, sort of, when they finished. 

It makes me wonder if #2 moved out.  I hope not.  I hope, if he did, the next person is quiet and dog-free.  Dogs in that yard just tend to be ignored, and bark and bark.  That gets Ron agitated and then he barks. 

We'll see.  They've been there almost 6 years and are finally pretty decent neighbors.  Maybe they're going, maybe not.  I don't think so, because he came home tonight, and all his weed whackers are still hanging on the fence. 

We'll see.  It is odd they are doing all this cleanup, normally the landlady is pretty negligent. 

She did mention they would "have" to move back if finances got bad for them one day. 

I took a nap for a little bit and woke up with an increased headache.  I reluctantly took more OTC headache pills (I could) and resigned myself to artificial alertness from the caffeine.  However, I fell back asleep for about 40 minutes. 

Biscuit helped, he got into bed with me. 

Then I got up and we went to the Waffle House.  Ron really wanted an omlet.  Oh, screw you spellchecker. 

We went, me, Ron, and the headache.  The headache ran off after the second diet Coke.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight.  We had a pretty good time and planned tomorrow, which will be a lot of work. 

I sure hope I don't have a headache tomorrow. 

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