Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mugged by kittens.

Most interesting handout ever. Why, you may ask.

Well, as I stood waiting on the bus I got jumped by some abandoned stray kittens. They could smell "sucker" a mile off. They meowed. They rubbed against my legs. They climbed me like a tree. One climbed to my shoulder and sat, like some demented fashion accessory, watching traffic.

When the bus came, they tried to board as well. I screamed "No!" (It's a very busy street) and, "Shut it (the door)!" at the driver.

I went.. I had a shoulder bag and 21 Bibles, most of them very nice "Gift and award" Bibles from a sponsor. I had several Spanish paperback New Testaments, and a few English as well.

I brought a small Free Bibles sign, about 2 feet wide. I was aiming for more of a stealth strike, plus my back has been a little iffy.

I handed out 3 on the bus.  :)  

I set up on the corner of W Little York and Antoine. I handed out 11 Bibles in the first light cycle. I had Spanish, English, Black, you name it. Everyone loved the Bibles. One lady liked hers so much she shouted for another one (I was a ways off), then refused to move when the light changed, so she could get it. "They gonna have to wait!" I had a couple "Parent and Child" pairs, some dating couples (what a great thing to add to your relationship!), and plenty of singles.. An older black gentlemen honked and waved in approval as he passed. Pretty soon, I was nearly out. I decided to call it a day, but got stopped by one more recipient even after I put my sign away. I handed him one of the last Bibles and headed off to Burger King.

The manager knew me, I guess she saw me today, or on the last handout. I had a good lunch and ran to the drugstore.

While there, I (sigh) bought a can of cat food. When I got to the bus stop, a woman told me she had been "kicking it" (one of the kittens) and hoped I was "getting rid of it".

I opened the cat food and watched sadly as they devoured the entire thing in seconds. They got dumped. The one lady made it pretty clear she had a permanent solution for pesky kittens, so I brought them home.

I've emailed a rescue.

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