Monday, May 2, 2016

If you don't take care of your vehicle...

I woke up with a nasty headache this morning.  I know it's bad when it wakes me up. 

Had to work, did that.  Did not do my God Time yet today. 

We had a good ride to work and got it all done.  Ron was decent.  He kept talking about how his legs felt so much better. 

I heard a lot about that.  I wanted to say something about him not drinking for a couple days and maybe it's related, but I let him draw that conclusion on his own. 

I need more snack inventory so we are going tomorrow.  We talked about that and made the trips. 

We came home, my head was still killing me.  It was hurting even during my nap.  I finally got up and had a Diet Dr Pepper, some marshmallow cream cookies, and some OTC headache pills.  That finally did it for me.  For whatever reason, sugar + caffeine + more caffeine + OTC painkillers will do the trick for me, and at least get me to functional. 

It may have been the cold weather front we had come through today, all I know it was miserable and made for a pretty miserable day. 

The cats were cool, though.  It's always good to spend time with them. 

If I wasn't so cranked up on caffeine, I can tell I'd be tired.  I have NO idea what I'm doing for dinner, maybe pizza. 

I think I can do pizza.  I am not due for any hormonal headaches for the next couple weeks, and the pressure front moved through already. 

We'll have to see. 

Ron asked me to check his sugar.  I did.  It was 170.  I cursed a little at that and told him damage happens at 180.  He had some juice, he remarked.  Well, stop having the juice. 

The original plan: check the baseline sugar, he wanted to drink, then have me check the sugar about half an hour later. 

"If you have to drink" I told him "Drink a low carb beer."  Ron indignantly informed me he didn't have to drink and went back in the man cave. 

Yike.  No wonder his legs are hurting.  I want to get him to the doctor for a checkup and check his AIC. 

I wish Jenny (Blood Sugar 101's) book was available from the State Library.  If Ron ever gets off his butt and decides to manage his blood sugar, I'm sure it will be better than mine (my AIC is 5.3, and fasting is about 120 in the morning). 

If you don't take care of your vehicle, you end up in the shop! 

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Anonymous said...

You are right and truer words were never spoken! I sirey want to " stay out of the shop" i have to be honest i worry about pancreatitis with Ron. But i think iand have a crazy brain as well so while this is a valid concern and you do need to get him in! You are so smart Heather and see beyond the damage he exhibits...he said he wanted to give his body a rest...then picked a fight as diversion, you get him love this man and Heather i have followed you long enough to know two things 1. You are extremely smart as well as able to see beyond the shell 2. You are a strong decent human being who wants the best for everyone ( yes we all have cranky bitchy days but your heart? Very real! ) i am just saying as one of your oldest fans...YOUR gut is always right were his health is book that appt use your most creative wifiness and get him in slip a note to the doc if you trust him to " handle it" if it doesnt work this time? You opened the crack a little more and put your foot in it with out saying a word. When i was working i had a guy who was drunk as shit screaming at me about a "taco salad" Long story short he had a GI bleed and my gut told me what was coming out of his mouth was a cry for help even though it made no sense i knew he was terrified! The fact Ron acknowledged his body needs a break it a tiny crack in the i said, but you have that crack now ....i imagine Ron sober as a really smart interesting wellnread man who still has time and chances, but if he doesnt stop drinking he will get sicker ....he seems to know deeply he needs to get better. I am so sorry this is so long but infeel compelled and never ignore my gut, better safe than sorry.

Another subject? Heather may I ask what RR is I see people commenting saying they are from " RR" . I am only curious, if it is personal or private no need to respond.

Just know each day you are loved appreciated and you do help me, knowing you these years reading your posts? I have come to read during dark times myself, your optimism stories and writing are there. Thank you.

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