Friday, May 20, 2016

These doses

Boring.  I want boring. 

Instead, I have a bad night of sleep, a 2 AM wakeup, and a ride to work with a man watching a podcast from Cameroon, on his cell phone, as he drove us to work. 

Yeah, it was that kind of day, and it's only 3PM. 

I got up with a headache.  I took some aspirin with a mountain dew and that seemed to help.  I don't think I will have to worry about blood clots.  I don't take so much aspirin I worry about bleeding, but I sure don't worry about blood clots.  I take maybe 6 doses a week. 

I did my shower and then my God Time.  Happily, I did not need to shave my legs.  A 4-bladed razor, Mountain Dew, and 2 in the morning are not a good combo! 

God Time went well.  Prayed for everyone, including you. 

If you aren't a friend of Jesus just see it as me "sending out good thoughts to The Universe on your behalf". 

Anyway.  Did that.  Ate one of my much better, new, protein bars.  I am glad I got them.  I took my meds and they didn't aggravate the headache. 

Maybe they do that if I'm not eating enough in the morning.  I didn't think of that. 

Then our ride came and we had the excitement.  He seemed to be a good driver aside from the podcast thing.  Which is kind of like saying the serial killer used anesthetic! 

We got to work and I got to stocking.  The boss lady was coming to do our review.  I wanted the machines to look OK. 

I did that and loaded the coffee machine.  I had a phony refund. 

Now, I might have thought, oh, poor thing, he just couldn't figure it out, but he knows how to operate the machine. 

It started with him shoving a dollar in my face while I was working.  "What do you want?" I asked politely.  I thought maybe he wanted something I had in the machine I was servicing. 

"Guess" he said. 

"I don't guess" I replied.  "Let me know when you're ready to tell.."


"The changer is right here."  He knew this.  I guess I was supposed to put up the tray, take out the coin bucket, fish around for quarters, and then hand them over. 

He used the changer.   

He came back a little later claiming the coffee machine had "ripped him off" for a dollar.  I gave him the dollar (even though I suspected he was just "holding us up") and checked the machine after he left. 

He had put it into "ordering menu" but "forgotten" to put any money in the machine.  I got some quarters and tested it.  Maybe it had a coin jam?  No coin jam and it brewed me a cup of coffee.  I drank it after it cooled down a bit, it tasted fine and got me vibrating at a nice frequency. 

I hate phony refunds, but that's the only way this guy knows to get attention from me.  He wants attention but he also wants to boss me around and tell me how to run my business "You need to get a better honeybun". 

Or my favorite "Got anything free?" 
1.  He makes more than Ron and I put together. 
2.  If I had something free, I wouldn't give it to him.  He would just complain about it anyway. 

Frustrating.  BUT he's only one man. 

I finished snacks and helped Ron with the bottled vendor.  He had done cans pretty well by himself. 

Somewhere in there, Dr Pepper came and delivered 40 cases of soda.  He put them up by himself, thank you very much. 

Could he get in trouble if I said I?  I won't take a chance.  I was appreciative. 

Ron approved. 

The repairman came next to clean our compressors.  If they can "breathe", the machine works.  If they get clogged up with lint (tons of dust and lint at the facility), they don't.  A new compressor is very expen$ive.   Smarter to pay a few bucks every year or two for preventive. 

If I were able to drive, and I had a decent income, I like to think I'd be the type of driver who would do PM (preventive maintenance) on my vehicle.  But maybe I wouldn't. 

My Dad once told me he "ran out of oil on the freeway" and "cracked a block".  Ouch. 

To paraphrase Mr Hermann, who founded a huge charity hospital, "Cars are expensive".  He actually said "Wives". 

Then the boss lady came and gave us a good review.  I was glad I had busted my butt stocking. 

She talked a little about the conference, coming up.  It will be in San Antonio.  If last year is any indicator we will need to find our own way there. 

Well, there's always Greyhound.  I don't think Amtrak has a route. 

Anyway, dinner approaches so I'm going to head out.  I'll let you know how it was. 

I already took my pills hours ago at work, so I shouldn't get sick.  BBQ can be pretty tricky for me at these doses. 

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