Friday, May 6, 2016

The Way Of Vending Machine Repair

We still haven't found out how the window got broken, but assume it was the yard man. 

I slept pretty badly, I just have a hard time dropping off at 6 PM.  I woke up at 2 and took my shower.  While I was in the shower, Ron started work on the toilet. 

It needed a new gasket for the flush valve.  Some disassembly required.  He got it and gives God the credit.  It is not "running" anymore. 

So, that should hold us for another year and a half.  My job now is to buy another valve. 

Then I did my God Time, and we went to work. 

Dr Pepper actually came early, at 5:45 AM.  Yes, it's obscene.  I don't know why we have this delivery schedule.  But we do and we have to make the best of it. 

We worked and worked.  I used up all my inventory and made a list of what I need. 

Ron "Let's do an inventory [of my products]"

"You have a bottle Dr Pepper, and a can Coke." 


"You have a bottle Dr Pepper, and a can Coke." 

"Oh!  That's it, then." 


He's going to need a lot of drinks.  I will have to wedge my snacks in around that somehow.  God will help. 

Then the repairman came.  I had a problem with the coffee machine dripping, some validator issues, etc. 

He brought a friend/apprentice.  Vending repair is very much an apprentice occupation.  Apparently Pedro has fallen on Hard Times and is now being taught The Way Of Vending Machine Repair.  He asked to show Pedro some of the other machines.  I said sure and opened them up.  He did some instruction. 

I kind of felt they ought to be paying me!  But the more repairmen, the better. 

We finally left and had a good ride home with Larry.  He is always having a family drama.  He skipped his daughter's second wedding so he wouldn't have to walk her down the aisle with her stepfather, who they've only known a few years. 

Good luck with that, Larry. 

I got home and crawled into my nice soft bed.  I had a pretty good nap, woke up, peed, went back to bed, dreamed, and woke up with a headache.  I took something for it. 

Now I have to go work on the monthly report.  That's always exciting, but once I'm done I'm done for another month. 

And that's a good thing. 

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