Saturday, May 7, 2016

They don't like my head

I couldn't figure it out as I lay in bed last night.  Random, odd, banging noises.  I thought it was the cats rubbing against the burglar bars and prayed this was not something I could expect every night. 

This morning, I saw guys at #6, at 7:30 in the morning no less, talking and hauling bags of cement and boards.  Ah.  He's constructing. 

We went to work.  For once, I was glad of it.  Home looked to be getting pretty noisy for a while. 

We went to the warehouse, actually.  Now, as a rule, we sell several cases of bottled water a week. 

Imagine how I felt when I looked for our precious 20 ounce Ozarka bottled water, only to find a note from store management: the bottling plant has been damaged by a tornado.  We don't know when we will get the inventory.  Sorry for the trouble. 

I didn't believe it until I looked it up online.  Sure enough, it's true. 

Great.  Now we will have to sell a 16.9 ounce bottle instead, and sell it for less, which may cause difficulties with the other vendor. 

Oh, boy. 

I continued along my path, loading inventory onto the cart.  Ron texts me a list of what he wants for bottled/can beverages and I get them.  2 Sprite.  3 Lipton.  Etc. 

He had asked for another bottle Diet Coke.  I reminded him we'd just put some in the fridge, was he sure?  Skip it.  OK. 

I got what I could for snacks and mainly got a whole lot of candy.  I like the variety packs that have 5-7 different types of candy, several of each.  They work well with my business. 

I buy Snickers in the 72 count, and Peanut M&M's in the 48 count, though, because they are Big Sellers.  Heath bar comes in close behind.  I sold 2 cases of Heath bars last week.  Do you know how hard it is to type Heath and not put an "er" on the end of it!  LOL 

Then I got some chips, what I could, the cart was pretty loaded by that point.  And I had to get cookies because cookies have done really well lately, all the while remembering I would be back at the store probably Wednesday at the latest. 

And #2 is doing something with a very loud lawnmower.  At 8PM at night?  [sigh]  Well, it's still good old #2 and not some horrible new person. 

Anyway, I guess you could say part of my job is professional shopper.  Guesser, too, trying to figure out what the customers will buy. 

For instance, the biscotti has done very well.  You wouldn't necessarily put postal workers with biscotti, but I gave it a try and now I am selling a case a week.  It has almonds or I might eat some now and then myself. 

I rolled it all up to the checkout and got checked out.  We loaded the truck and off to work. 

I had emptied the 3-shelf carts (I have two "bus-carts") so it was easy to drag all the carts out to the parking lot.  I unloaded and got it all inside.  It wasn't too heavy because, after all, we didn't have our water. 

We worked, got it all done, and caught our ride home.  However, the client had given incorrect information to the scheduler and we spent literally an hour driving around trying to find her.  Agh.  Of course the dispatcher didn't have a good phone number for the client, to ask her location, she had to call the son who didn't know.  He had to go figure it out and call them back, and then they called us back, and we got her. 

When we got home they were using nail guns to put walls on the covered patio out back.  Remember when they covered the sides of this patio with heavy duty plastic last winter?  And it kept making noise all winter long, driving me nuts every time the wind blew. 

Well, now they are putting "proper" walls on it.  I doubt they have a building permit OR permission from the homeowner's association, but overall they are quiet so I will keep my mouth shut.  I assume, when it's done, it will be a full extension of the house. 

Dad reminded me it may make for quieter gatherings, too. 

Speaking of the parents, I don't think I told you about my adoptive Mom. She had a bug bite on her arm.  It looked disturbing to her so she went to see a specialist, who did a biopsy.  She had melanoma, but they got it all. 

They took a huge chunk of flesh, though, and she can't do anything with that arm.  I should also add they are moving hundreds of miles, in about 2 weeks. So that's hard. 

I wish I could be there to help.  I wonder if they still have things I remember from my childhood.  Like the wrought iron plant stand. 

I remember she asked me once if there was anything I wanted - to be left to me when they died.  I honestly couldn't think of anything.  I might want my Dad's old class ring because he wears it every day but that's it.  I certainly wouldn't fight over it. 

I asked for, and was given, my maternal Grandmother's Bible after she died.  My half sister didn't want it.  I don't read it, I just keep it as a family heirloom.  I like the little poem written on the dedication page:
Only one life
T'will soon be past.
Only what's done
For Christ
Will last. 

I have some other stuff I was given, a store bought blanket, a few things like that, but I didn't really want them or need them.  I just have them. 

Now, if they had that afghan I made when I was a teenager (I really doubt they kept it), I would want that back.  It was ghastly and garish, I would be ashamed to put up a photo.  But it's the first one I ever made so there's that. 

I am glad she is doing well and has a very good prognosis.  The surgery "got it all" so they don't need to worry about anything.  Good. 

I wish her well. 

When I got home, finally, I tried to take a nap, with limited success.  I did have both Biscuit and Torbie in bed with me, which was very nice.  I just wish they wouldn't sleep by my legs.  Legs are bad.  I move around a lot.  The head would be much better but maybe I put out too much energy, or bad energy, or something that repels them.  Torbie is sleeping on her paper bag near my foot right now so they like me fine, they just don't like my head. 

I could get a complex about that. 

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