Sunday, May 29, 2016

Working on a Sunday

A long day today. 

I slept pretty good but #6's infamous outside light did wake me up once.  I assume stray critters are setting it off.  I have to admit, if my cats were outdoor, it would be the perfect revenge, waking me up every time one of my cats went in their yard.  As it is I'm just weary. 

I am so sick of the construction.  It has been going on for weeks.  At least he does start and stop at semi-decent hours.  With one exception, he hasn't parked in my driveway either. 

He would never do that with one of the other neighbors.  I don't know what makes him think it's OK.  We have never, ever, given him permission to park in our driveway. 

Baffled on that.  Why no boundaries, with us?  I couldn't tell you.  He probably couldn't tell you, either. 

My house was flooded, and vacant for 2 years while it was being flipped by first one owner, and then the other.  I can only guess he might have helped out the flippers and that's why he feels a sense of ownership on our property. 

But that was the previous owner.  I asked him for one favor, once.  I had a broken water line in my yard and I couldn't turn off the water.  I went over in tears and asked him to do it.  He did.  I thanked him and called our handyman to fix it, which he did.  That was it. 

Enough about him. 

I wasn't pleased when #7 decided to start his whole yard care routine (he has a very large yard) at 7:30 in the morning, but happily we were already up. 

I got up, did my God time, and took my shower.  I had some energy because I woke up with a headache and took some caffeinated headache pills.  I probably didn't need them but I didn't want to take a chance with truck day - getting dozens of cases of inventory to work. 

Our ride was late so we got there well after opening.  I parked Ron and got a flatbed. 

Imagine our joy when I found a half-pallet of 20 ounce Ozarka water!  The holy grail!  I happily called Ron and then proceeded to buy 8 cases.  As I was loading them, someone else came along and started loading her cart, too.  We knew a good thing when we saw it! 

I like all bottled waters, but the customers vastly prefer the Ozarka. 

It's all about what the customers want.  It doesn't matter what I think will sell, if they won't buy it. 

I got that, the soda Ron needed (not much)  candy, and snacks.  I got a lot of snacks. 

I paid and got everything loaded up (tipping is appreciated!), and we went to work.  I had to unload the carts, which already had a lot of drinks on them.  Then I had to load everything, including the 8 cases of water. 

I was worried, because I had literally a whole table full, plus the chairs, stacked up with drinks.  Happily they had anhialated (ah, screw it), the bottled vendor and it had to be stocked.  That wiped out the fridge, which in turn led to vacancies for several cases of soda, which freed up room. 

I was pretty busy doing snacks for a while, got them put away (tricky), and then helped Ron with the bottled drinks.  I got a whole cartload of drinks for him and then reloaded the fridge with room temperature drinks to chill for Tuesday.  Plus, the 8 cases of water. 

My back is definitely worked, but not sore. 

Finally, all done.  We had a very short wait to come home.  I had been drinking a lot of soda at work. 

I was worried it would be noisy when I got home but it was quiet.  I laid down for a nap.  I couldn't really get one due to all the caffeine but I did have a weird dream about Captain America.  I have to admit, I probably like him best. 

Torbie joined me, sleeping in my bed.  I need to get some things together for their carriers, things that smell like home, and us, for when we go to the vet.  I plan to use Ron's pillow case, mine, and the towel on my TV chair.  The cats are always competing with me for the chair.  That will provide friendly scents of home, while they're at the vet. 

I am still debating whether to board Torbie if she has surgery on her foot.  I would like her to be supervised and I feel a little helpless nursing a sick cat. 

Which is funny considering Ron came home on a catheter, in a wheelchair, with a broken leg and ribs, and a head injury.  Oh, yeah, and a stroke.  He's always said I make a good nurse but I've never really nursed a cat aside from the usual post-neutering type stuff.  That is mainly feeding them and not picking them up for a while. 

I'm sure Torbie would rather be home so that's probably what I will do. 

Now we are going out to dinner at a new fast food place near the house.  Ron wanted to "take me out" but I want something simple. 

Anyway, the cab should be here any minute.  I'll tell you what I thought of the food place. 


Anonymous said...

I think most animals would rather be home ..the cone of shame is hard but kind of cute in a sad way ..I have a list of foods to try when I go to Houston again that is for sure especially going to get a kolache! I think i had one in the middle of nowhere in Texas one time (I am catching up on a few posts so if this is confusing I apologize.
I should have said this first but I am so very happy you are not flooded that is twice now you stayed dry this spring good for you guys! Poor Torby (i love that name you always have great names for your kitties! my husband is thinking of names so I know he is really on board for our new memeber to find us hurry we are doing construction ourselves now quietly in our won houses. It would be nicer if the kitty waits but if one happens to find us now it is fine !
the property behind us is up for sale by a developer so what is now a lovely old house on 5 acres will turn into probably giant veiw homes for 20 families ...argh I am so worried but try not to be ..the noise they are going to cut the whole forrest down around us. Everything we moved here for will change ..but I am trying to not be depressed in advance that just makes life now sad. Take care Dear Heather ..the light? could you just say it is burning in your eyes..we had a neighbor who did that once ..when I told him he moved it saying he just wanted to keep the path between our house "secure"..he just changed it a little and it was not in my window anymore . I liked it when it was in the correct position because it kept my yard secure too .

hope things quiet down a bit now ..maybe once the summer heat hits there it will get quiet again?

Anonymous said...

Could you leave Torby over one night? I understand the concerns and think you are more than capible of caring for your baby. But I usually leave my animals one night just to be sure after heavy sedation. Depends if you love your vet and feel comfortable? Is Torby mellow or does she freak out? if, can afford it right now? Just tossing ideas out. I would leave her just the night after surgery so the anesthesia is out and she is eating and drinking well. But if not bring her home you are the best nurse ever Heather. Torby is a lucky kitty for sure! Follow your heart on this you have such a good intuition go with that.

Heather Knits said...

I think boarding rates are about $20 a night. I could do that. I could definitely do that. But she was sleeping next to me during my God Time today so I would probably bring her home. She also slept in my bed most of the night, too.


I got up around 8 and took my shower, did my God Time.  Ron only interrupted me once.  He didn't know I was "doing it".  He al...