Sunday, May 22, 2016

Days like this

I woke up with a headache. 

I also woke up at 6:30.  I took some OTC headache pills and drank a cold diet soda.  It helped a little.  then I did my God Time and took a shower. 

I got to thinking.  Ron had made a trip to go to the pet store, but he was stingy with the timing.  If it's not something he wants to do, he will try to make the trip as short as possible. 

It was short all right, 20 minutes is not enough time to walk across the huge parking lot and return the leash, get new litter for Baby Girl, a new box, and some Nature's Miracle to clean up the "pooped on" areas of the tile (and, as it turned out later, the carpet). 

I had the time, why didn't I take the bus. 

I had already had 2 diet sodas (150 mg caffeine) and one dose of headache pills (200 mg caffeine).  Doc says keep it under 450, so I had about one more soda "allowance".  I got a bottle of water out of the fridge (we use them mainly for hospitality "Would you like a cold bottle of water?"). 

I left the house around 9 AM.  Ron was coming at 11:45 and the ride home about 12:10.  I figured that was plenty of time to get everything done.  In that respect, I was right. 

I wore a very shallow necked V-neck tshirt in baby pink with my capris.  I took money out of my pocket in case I got robbed.  I got my bus pas, but forgot the harness and leash I had planned to return. 

I remembered that when I got to the bus stop.  Bad word. 

I had to wait about 40 minutes on the bus, then another 40 on the next bus.  I was so wound up on caffeine I had a panic attack at the thought of crossing 249.  It was pretty ugly. 

I kept thinking of the humiliation I would have, telling Ron, and others, "I was too afraid to cross the street" - that's the only thing that got me bolting across the street like an escaped felon.  I would have hated to see my heart rate and blood pressure. 

I will say my deodorant stone did a good job, though. 

I got some cream cheese kolaches and my last Diet Dr Pepper. 

I went to the pet store, got a litter pan, and some unscented Nature's Miracle litter.  A couple of considerations:
1.  They had a lot in stock.  If she likes it I will need something I can replenish. 
2.  It was unscented.  Very few litters are, apparently.  Strongly advised for cats with toilet issues.
3.  It was a reasonable price. 
4.  It was the "fine to medium grain" I was advised to purchase. 

I like how the litter pan has a measurement to tell you how deep to pour.  2 inches seems to work best for my guys. 

I bought some enzyme spray to destroy lingering poop odors.  If it smells like poop to her (I don't smell anything after I pick it up), then she will continue to use that area (also read on the internet).  I looked at the adoption kitten and yearned for the pair of black sibling kittens who looked just like a baby Bubba.  They would be a lot of fun for some lucky adopter! 

Happily the adoption cats were getting a lot of attention. 

I paid, put my stuff in the shopping cart, and pushed it to the edge of the pet store parking lot.  Then I carried the 20 pound box of litter and the other supplies to the Starbucks and waited outside. 

My headache roared back to life. 

Ron kept trying to get out of coming to get me.  He had every excuse in the world.  I finally asked him to please come get me, already.  I reminded him his cat was having problems with the litter and he needed to help fix it. 

His first ride claimed they couldn't find him and was he near a church?  No, we're not.  They sent another driver, but he arrived pretty late (around 12). 

In the meantime, I had been outside cooking my brains in the heat, humidity, and sunshine for 3 hours.  My head was throbbing. 

He finally arrived and said he didn't want anything, he'd had a colitis attack that morning and was afraid to make it mad.  I went in and got a decaf iced coffee.  It made things worse. 

I took my Phenergan.  I always carry at least one in my bus pass holder for days like this.  The next ride came.  He was nice.  He was quiet.  Praise God no air freshener. 

We got home to see a little kid from #6 nearly run in front of the vehicle.  Apparently they still haven't taught him about traffic, and little kids get run over in Houston on a regular basis.  If they watch the news they know this happens and when they're that little, the damage is fatal. 

Go to all that trouble to have them and raise them, but too lazy to protect them?  I don't get that. 

I decided to just throw all the litter stuff into the garage and went straight to bed.  But wait, Baby Girl & friends were locked up in the bedroom this morning and she has left a gift by the litter box.  I had to clean that up first (poop). 

I slept fitfully for hours, my head in agony.  I have two relatives who swear that bright sunlight cause headaches, and I think they may be right.  I plan to bring my sunglasses tomorrow. 

When I got up, I took it easy for a while. 

Then I set up the new litter box, 2 inches deep, unscented, medium to fine grain litter in a different brand.  Biscuit was thrilled and used the box right away.  Well, good to know he likes it, although he was fine with Scoop Away. 

I vacuumed around the bedroom litter box and treated both litter box problem areas with the enzyme stuff.  Hopefully that will help 'break" the problem. 

I ate a piece of bread and I didn't get sick, so I think I'm going to fix a bowl of cereal and take my meds now.  I have to go to bed pretty soon and I need to be medicated for that. 

What a day.

Oh, and my neck is sunburned where my V-neck exposed some skin I don't, normally.  Not much, just a little v right above my collarbone. 

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Anonymous said...

I am open arms for adoption and grateful to follow the tips! Hope this litter helps!
I thought of two things to share with you? Poop smell? My vet used straght water spray when we were there to clear a badly explosive dog in the next room, i was shocked! He said with a laugh " water is heavier than the bomb thay poor little guy let off! "

And second thing , Heather when you get a chance look up " asian sun visors" . They were $3 at our local Korean mkt. and have a lanyard super adjustable...and crazylady trick i use? Pull it down and read . You can see everyone around you behind it ..but it ooozes " leave me alone please.!" My grandkids adore them , husband loves it. But it helped me have less headaches for sure because of how it shades you. I still put sunscrean on but this is cool maybe it could be part of your migraine prevention too?

I will send let you know ASAP when we adopt...i am very excited to welcome who knows? Who? Into our home! I am like you..we will be choosen not visa versa!
Thanks again for the tips i am looking at the most " popular" adoption rescue site? "PF" but if you know a better one?

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