Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chinese nickel

Today found me at work, wrestling with a canister of creamer and a recipient canister that goes in my coffee vending machine.  The transfer wasn't going very well.  I ended up with creamer all over me, the floor, and the canister.  I got "enough" in the canister to serve our needs for a while, though. 

You may not know we put a lot of powders in a coffee vending machine.  French Vanilla.  Creamer.  Sugar.  Hot chocolate.  And ground coffee, of course.  If I don't keep the canisters topped off (and the coffee cups loaded), I will have some very unhappy customers. 

And they talk.  Boy, do they talk. 

When I got home, I had to wash my pants.  I looked as if I'd been rolling in white powder. 

I'm surprised the driver let me in her vehicle. 

I had trouble falling asleep last night.  Do you ever get "that thing" when your bladder feels irritated but not infected?  The only cure, I've found, is to drink a lot of water.  I did that, but then I was up for a while urinating. 

#6 had the light on for a while.  I don't think that light and I will be friends.  [singing "Why can't we be friends"]

Anyway, I fell asleep and slept OK, but I woke up exhausted and added some time to my alarm.  I did my God Time later (before I got online). 

I took my shower, deciding I didn't need to shave my legs today, but I would absolutely have to do it tomorrow.  I fed the cats their num-num and got Ron going. 

Our ride was interesting.  We had another client on board who spoke fluent "babble".  She kept rambling and babbling and repeating things she heard.  We have ridden with her before.  I believe she was going to a day program. 

I feel sorry for her at-home caregivers, even if they are paid it isn't enough. 

We met another client and got to talking about the catio.  Ron invited her over (!!!) without asking me first.  He doesn't realize, with paratransit, when you go somewhere you have to stay at least an hour.  That means I'll have some strange woman I don't know wandering around in my home, which I consider very private, for an hour or two.  We'll also have to lock up the cats so they don't get out. 

Ugh.  Still annoyed about that.  Don't invite strangers over without asking your wife.  The house is a MESS.  All that will do is give her something to gossip about. 

And people in the blind community gossip.  I don't know if she is active in it but I know a lot of people are.  It is a tight knit group with lots of gossip.  I don't need that. 

We got to work.  I emptied the "yuck bucket" out of the coffee machine and endeavored to service it.  I filled the small grounds canister, and I already told you about the creamer.  Then I did the big grounds but I couldn't get the canister back into place.  I think I got it, at any rate I made a cup of coffee and it brewed, so it's making coffee - primary objective.  I emptied the used grounds into a dumpster with custodian permission. 

I saw Snack #2 was out of order.  "Coins Only".  I checked the coin mech up, down, and sideways.  I couldn't find anything wrong.  Then I realized, "coins only" - it was the BILL validator.  I opened it up and found half a bill.  I disassembled the mechanism and found the other half.  It looked like a rag.  I can't believe anyone thought the machine would take it. 

Someone came to me complaining the bottled vendor wasn't taking her money.  I sold her the drink and opened it up.  Sure enough I had a coin jam.  That meant disassembling the coin mech and pulling all the coins out.  Then I had to find the bad coin that started the whole mess (looked like a Chinese nickel), pluck it out, show it to a few customers as I complained, and then reassemble the whole thing and put it back. 

I realized it was low on quarters so I stocked the quarters, in the process also verifying that, yes, I had fixed the coin jam. 

Tired yet?  I was. 

I also did snacks, meter readings, got drinks for Ron and replaced them in the fridge, and other things.  Not bad for a depression. 

We left, our ride was waiting for us.  Ron has this "thing" about being out there on time.  He never does it.  I have to literally drag him out of the building as he complains vehemently.  He doesn't want to wait on someone, he wants them to wait on him. 

I find that rude. 

We have been left because he didn't want to go out on time and they cancelled our ride.  They can do that. 

I was happy I got the front seat.  We picked someone up at the "Full Truth" church of something or other, she seemed nice enough. 

We got home and I mentioned the name of the church to her (Ron didn't know).  Ron started in on how no one is saved through works, etc.  He was pretty hostile.  He gets pretty hostile around churches, praise music, and other people talking about God.  It's ironic because he's always preaching at them. 

Mind your witness.  You have to be very careful how you present yourself when you're an evangelist.  I know.  I know I often fail, especially here.  I know I am petty and selfish, and many would consider "lazy".  They, however, aren't taking my medication cocktail. 

I dragged him in the house and put my pants in the wash along with some other clothes.  I started the load and took a short nap (about an hour).  When I got up I put my clothes in the dryer and did my God Time. We finished up about the same time. 

Now we're supposed to go to dinner but it's not looking good for that.  We'll see. 

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