Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It wasn't a vandal

Last night I found a spilled bottle of dish soap on the tile floor. 

You want to talk about a mess?  Oh, I was mopping for a long time.  Even depressed, I try to do "some" housework on my days off if nothing else. 

However, as I mopped and mopped loads of floral smelling slime, I decided I had done enough housework for today's day off, ahead of time. 

I mopped what I could with some dry shop towels, threw them away, mopped the rest, and mopped up the leftovers.  A friend suggested adding vinegar to the rinse water, which I did, and it helped. 

Finally done, I went to bed.  I slept OK but woke up with a headache at about 5:30.  I drowsed for a while until I heard loud lawnmower noises.  At 5:55 in the morning.  #2 was getting ready for work.  Then he played a loud Mexican ballad for a while, and left. 

"What does he want" I griped to Ron "A prize?  I went to work today!" 

"So [censored] what.  We all have to do that."  He can be pretty immature.  At least he takes his garbage out now. 

I took some OTC headache pills and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't, due to the caffeine in the pills.  I finally got up and worked on the computer for a while, then did my God Time and shower, got dressed, and went to Walmart. 

I was a little nervous about going to Walmart.  The last time I went my window was broken.  More on that later. 

However, I got what I came for and came back.  I put away the cold items, checked the window, still intact, and laid down for a nap.  Ron and I were awakened at 1 PM. 

Ron went out to talk to the yard guy, who finally confessed he had accidentally broken the window when he hit a rock (I assume).  The yard guy tried to pay for it but Ron said God had paid for it, not to worry. 

Then Ron tried to pay the guy for his last, unpaid, 2 visits, but the guy refused.  So there's that. 

At least we know it was an accident. 

My next day off, I plan to pick up any small rocks around the backyard and make sure they are not going to break any more windows!  I know if a lawnmower hits one it's all over. 

The poor yard guy probably had a week's earnings in his pocket to pay for that window.  I agree with what Ron did, by the way. 

We just wanted to know it wasn't a vandal.  Now we know, it's not. 

I went back to sleep.  I was having trouble with my new pillow, and finally took it off the bed.  I laid on my "foundation" pillow, which cost me $5.  It is chopped memory foam, kind of heavy, but comfortable.  I woke up 2 hours later, so I think I have a winner.  I can use the other pillow in here. 

I also lint-rolled Ron's fitted sheet, filthy with cat hair.  I may need to start brushing Torbie, she likes to lie with him.  He doesn't move much, pets her, and has lots of treats.  Easy to see why she likes him. 

I think it's better for her too because she is a more interactive cat.  I may not be up for a lot of interaction when I'm depressed like I am now.  Ron can fill in the gap.  The other two cats are less hungry for attention. 

Biscuit wants his num num twice a day, but I can do that.  I put it on a foam plate and then throw away the first plate, at the next feeding.  It makes for awful smelling garbage but he has the option of nice wet food.  The other cats partake, too. 

Then he likes to say thank you, smelling my nose, rubbing against me, getting petting, accepting a hug, etc. 

Torbie does not like hugs, by the way.

Gravy used to let me kiss the pads on his feet, something no other cat ever did, and he loved to lick our hands.  He was a sweet boy and I miss him.  I miss him and Biscuit wrestling in the hall. 

It's funny, missing him because he was a part of something else. 

I never had a bonded cat before.  When Frosty died, he lived with Bubba, they were friendly, but they weren't bonded.  When Bubba died he tolerated Baby Girl as his abuser (kitten attacks on his ears and tail), but he wasn't what I'd say bonded. Baby Girl had bonded to him but got Torbie pretty soon after that. 

Torbie and Baby Girl are not bonded.  Neither of the girls is bonded to Biscuit, although Baby Girl will eat food with him and wrestle with him occasionally.  Biscuit + Gravy were a unique duo.  I miss them. 

Biscuit seems happy enough, especially when I give him a num-num or some petting.  He is a sweet, curious, boy.  He likes to sleep by my feet occasionally even though I wish they would choose my head.  If they sleep by my feet I am liable to "run them over" when I roll over. 

They are all adjusting pretty well to inside life.  When I came home, all 3 were hanging out in the bedroom. 

"It's funny" Ron said. "We used to lock them in there and felt terrible about it.  But they like it!" 

Yup.  Cats can exist in a pretty small space if needed. 

I, however, think, you should have at least one box per cat.  If you can't do that you need fewer cats.  That's just my own personal rule. 

It works for me, and if I'm too depressed to get it every day, miss the odd day out of 10, it doesn't matter. 

At any rate I hope to sleep well tonight, get up a little late tomorrow (7 AM), and get my purse back from work eventually.  We have a few other things to do and I really do want to pick up those rocks in the yard, the garbage man is coming tomorrow, etc. 

I sure hope they take that old mattress.  I'm sure my neighbors are sick of looking at it. 

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