Monday, May 16, 2016

"I already did"

Monday.  I was up half the night with a seriously teed-off bladder.  I managed to overcome that, but I was up half the night drinking glasses of water, then peeing, going back to bed, up again to do same.  Pretty exhausting. 

I woke up at 4 AM oddly energized.  I was a little manic.  Good.  I had a busy day.  I got up, did my God Time, took my meds, ate, took a shower.  So far so good! 

Then the Haldol kicked in and killed the mania.  Booo. 

We went to work.  I reprogrammed the bottled vendor and Ron kissed my hand in gratitude as the customers laughed.  He stocked water in the rows I had just "done".  I got the sandwich delivery and stocked it, made sure snacks would be OK until tomorrow (barely) and went to the warehouse with our driver. 

It was raining.  Of course.  "I don't mind the rain" I told our driver  "I just mind the spots on my glasses."  After all, it was a fairly warm rain. 

The warmest rain I've ever felt is hurricane rain.  It feels like a hot shower in the morning. 

We got there, I went in.  I got everything on Ron's list and some stuff I needed (Hershey bars, Heath bars, some cookies, and granola bars - oh yeah, and peanut butter M&M's.).   As I was leaving, I realized Ron hasn't asked for Coke! 

I knew we needed bottled Coke. We were O U T.  So I loaded the truck and went back in to buy 4 more cases. 

Ron wasn't answering the phone so I did this all on my own.  Then he called.  "Get me 4" he said. 

"I already did".  He was relieved. 

I had a heck of a time loading all the drinks (14 of them plus the snack items) onto one handcart (all I had available), but I did it.  It was really fun rolling it into the building. 

The store had Ozarka bottled water, in the 16.9.  That's what we're selling for 75 cents.  Pretty good deal, huh?  So I had four, 40 count, 43 pound, cases of water on the cart, plus 3 bottled Sprites, 4 bottled Cokes, three bottled teas, and my snacks.  Boy, that was a challenge pushing that up the ramp!  Did it! 

I will probably be a little stiff tomorrow, though. 

Once we got in I took the cart over to the fridge and filled it up with the needed drinks.  That took a while and cleared off about half the cart.  The waters are really heavy. 

I got everything going and finally done.  We left.  It was still raining a little but not hard. 

We came home.  #6 came home (I guess for lunch) at the same time we did.  We said Hi. 

I went in and went straight to bed.  I was beat.  I slept 3 hours and woke up with a headache.  Now why of all things would I get a headache in the afternoon?  I never get afternoon headaches, except today. 

I had to take some OTC headache pills with caffeine.  I hope they don't mess me up too much. 

The caffeine kicked me out of the depression (which is why I am very careful not to abuse it, it would be totally easy to do so), so I decided to take Baby Girl for a walk.  Ron had talked about this.  So I decided to give it a try.  I got the harness and put it on her.  She was a pretty good sport. 

Then we went outside.  She mainly stood there looking around. 

Eventually she started walking around.  She went under the chair on the porch.  I moved it.  Then she went into the bushes.  I pulled her back right as she rolled over on her back and twisted herself, slipping the harness (it was too loose!).    I managed to catch her.  Then I had to bring her in the house, right the chair on the porch, and hold the harness so I didn't lose $20 worth of gear.  I did that.  She was pretty cooperative as cats go. 

Especially considering I had her on a leash.  I have had cats that tried to give me hand surgery for that. 

I came back in the house, turned on the computer, and did my thing.  After I finish this post I will order some pizza online.  I am a "club" member and this next pizza is free.  Yay! 

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Anonymous said...

Yay free pizza! Congrats! Loved the photo ! How stinking cute is that kitty and the harness as well! Awwww! Fun fun! ( my meds kicked in and my spelling improves) ! Sorry anout the past few comments. Depression and meds makes me unable to write... is horiffic like you i am sooooo happy if anyone has never had it. You explain it like i feel it and it is brutal! Thanks for sharing and i hope those who really need to read your blog to understand a spouse? I really hope they do !

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