Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cool stuff you might want at $20 each

I lost something (it happens) and in the process of searching for it I found my Kindle, with a run down battery.  Not a big deal. 

Why?  Because I have a portable USB charger.  I plugged it in, got the device charged, and it got me thinking about a post on useful stuff you might want.   It can also charge my cell phone and tablet. 

What is it?  A Pocket Juice.  I have that exact one sitting right next to me, charging off my computer.  It runs about $20.  I got mine at Walmart. 

What else?  How about a Stun Gun?  Because life sucks and there are Bad People.  No, I have never used it on Ron, although I've been tempted. 

I have this one, except in purple.  Vipertek stun gun

It has a flashlight in addition to the stun gun, runs about $20.  Happily I have never had to use it, but if it's legal in your area I would get one.  It never hurts to have one around. 

You know I talk about preparedness now and then.  My experience: no one is coming to save you.  You are on your own. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a water filter? 

See, what people don't know, after a flood or other natural disaster, sometimes you end up with a "boil order" - the tap water isn't safe to drink unless it is boiled.  That is a huge hassle, I found out after Hurricane Ike.  Ron kept screaming the house smelled funny. 

He didn't seem to care we would die of thirst, if I didn't boil the water, he just wanted me to shut off that burner! 

I wish I'd had this: Sawyer Mini.  It's a super awesome, $20, water filter.  It is very highly rated and very easy to use.  I could have had my water without "stinking up the house".  You can occasionally find these at Walmart in the camping area, or there's always Amazon. 

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed our little shopping trip. 

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Fun thanks for sharing!

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