Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Raped by Windows 10

Things just haven't been easy lately.  Anxiety, sleep trouble, endless depression, problems with Ron, problems with work, etc.  A mangled, dying, cat.  Not today, thank God, but I still miss him. 

I cried my eyes out over Gravy the other night.  He loved to sleep on my bed and he would have loved the new mattress.  I had a migraine on Sunday, then I started my period, which is still in the spotting stage. 

I think my poor ovaries are about done. 

I am certain menopause is wreaking a special havoc on my brain, as well.  Probably one reason I feel so hopeless lately. 

I really strive to be positive here. 

Anyway, I slept in and got up just in time to take my shower.  I did my God Time later, before I turned on the computer. 

Biscuit was absolutely adorable.  We have a whole routine of frantic begging (his) when I get up and stagger out of bed.  The minute I put on my glasses he goes galloping into the front room, meowing frantically for his num-num. 

I select a victim, get a foam plate, and place the plate on the table.  I open the can as he squirms in delight (by now, Baby Girl has usually shown up as well), and plate the food, placing it on the table.  He wasn't very interested in today's selection, he had a few licks and wandered off. Baby Girl continued to gobble. 

You would never guess we have 3, count them, 3, food bowls filled with fresh dry food at all times.  The way those two carry on at "can feeding time" you'd swear they haven't eaten in a week! 

I gave him a Friskies this morning.  Sometimes he loves it, sometimes not.  Today was a not, but Baby Girl nibbled around the edges. 

Then we left for work, well, the warehouse.  We needed some bottled Coke which the one warehouse had.  I can only imagine my trials if we had food shortages. 

Anyway, we got there and I put Ron in the kiddie cart because we weren't buying much.  He sat in the "kiddie" seat, fastened onto the cart, as I pushed it around.  I got the Cokes, some coffee, and a case of hot chips. 

Hot chips are a very popular seller, so I try to always keep at least one in reserve.  A minivan cab came to pick us up, but it already had a wheelchair and an "ambulatory", plus me and Ron.  The driver managed to get everything squashed into the one remaining seat area. 

Halfway to work, I realized I had forgotten my bag.  I turned my head and the driver had loaded it!  Whew. 

I had Ron call in a compliment right then and there. 

We unloaded the other client first and then we were taken to work.  The driver helped me unload our stuff.  Ron didn't want to wait with it and accused me of being "paranoid". 

It's a very bad neighborhood, and I've already seen: some people at work think it's really funny to take something we need and make me beg to get it back.    Better to just prevent it. 

People generally do not want to stand near Ron, due to his disabilities.  They act as though he is "catching".  Ron finds this most upsetting at church during the greeting (a period of time where everyone says Hi and shakes hands).  "They act like I'm contagious". 

I tell him he's wrong, but the rest of the time he's right.  So, Ron, just by existing, exerts a protective radius where people won't enter.  I do use it to advantage. 

We got to work and started stocking.  I had trouble with the coffee machine door.  It is not very rugged.  The repairman is coming on Thursday to take away the broken validator for a warranty repair. 

Good.  We just got the thing, it BETTER be under warranty. 

I was just utterly exhausted when we got home.  The yard had been mowed, happily no windows broken.  Ron called the yard guy before talking to him and said we would be available to pay him in an hour. 

I was not happy.  I really wanted a nap.  I ate some yogurt, took my meds, and got what I could, though.  When I got up #2 had tradesmen (electricians) next door working on his addition so I doubt I could have slept much longer anyway.  They were talking loudly in the side yard right outside my bedroom. 

Ron had been very stiff all day.  He said he hadn't slept well due to the pain.  I found him asleep when I got up. 

My inner bitch wanted to say "OK, time to get up and get ready to pay the yard man!" but I decided to be a good Christian instead. 

I did my God Time.  When I finished, I started my computer (I frequently let it go to sleep because I hear cold starting it again and again is bad for the board and power supply). 

Imagine my horror when I had a welcome message from Windows 10.  Apparently Microsoft did something sneaky and when I closed the "upgrade" window, I actually agreed to the upgrade.  Cheap, sneaky, and dirty.  I hope someone from Microsoft is reading this. 

Anyway, I figured out how to get out. It wanted me to click "OK" for the EULA (user agreement), I said NO and it asked me if I wanted the upgrade.  I didn't find a "Hell, no" button so I went with "decline".  After about 10 minutes, and a reboot, it got me back to where I was.  Everything appears to be behaving.  A friend also sent me a link on how to opt out of future "Would you like to upgrade" messages. 

If I could figure out the directions, from the article, after a full day's worth of medication, you should be pretty well set: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3074339/windows/how-to-escape-that-forced-windows-10-upgrade-you-mistakenly-agreed-to.html

I was FURIOUS.  I left a message on the Microsoft facebook page ranting about them raping my hard drive, Windows 10 was worse than Edlin (a notorious line editor program from 20 years ago), etc.  It was the worst insult I could produce without profanity. 

It's just a nasty, sneaky, thing to do - trick someone into accepting an upgrade they don't want. 

I hope they didn't get you, too. 

Oh, another odd thing.  I was talking to a driver the other day about some of the fashion faux pas I have seen when people come in for an interview.  Hint - a black suit and a button down, with conservative dress shoes. 

One guy, I shared, wore ripped jeans and a hoodie.  Ron liked the gal who wore hot pink leggings.  The driver (a man) went on this whole tangent about how some women could only wear leggings due to their figure issues, and had to wear leggings everywhere, even to job interviews. 

"She was a size 10, if that" I said. 

"Oh, she was BIG" he laughed, and meant it. 

I had to wonder what he thought about my figure, not that I care.  He must have seen me as some obese monster.  He was at least 200 pounds overweight! 

So, if you want to work at the Post Office, dress conservatively.  No stripper heels and short skirts.  Modest and conservative.  No hoodies and t-shirts, this is a business.  Wear a button down and sport coat or suit.  Wear conservative business shoes in black. 

Now, once you get hired and do your orientation, anything goes, pretty much.  They will give you a general idea of the dress code, which everyone pretty much ignores.  They don't wear heels or very short skirts (sorry, guys), but pretty much anything else, as long as you can do the job.  At least at our plant. 

Pretty soon I have to drag myself outside.  I think I will clean the litter boxes first (the unscented, 2 inch deep litter seems to be the most popular), then put the waste in the garbage and then take out the garbage.  When I threw away the num-num trash from Biscuit's dinner, I noticed the can was pretty full. 

I was pretty annoyed at Ron.  I wanted to talk to him and he held up his hand, wait.  I waited a minute, then left. 

I came back in a couple minutes later and began talking to him.  (He had his headphones on).  He held up his hand again and told me he was watching the news, something about North Korea. 

Really?  Spin doctors feeding you THEIR version of the "news" is more important than talking to your wife? 

I found it insulting but I will forgive him.  He has a bad habit of doing this and I find it demeaning. 


Anonymous said...

You are the 3rd person this month who has had issues with Windows 10. One person wasnt so lucky and it got through on the work computer.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is scary to me to be forced to update..i get three options " now" " later" tonight" not one is " opt out" feel better Heather it has been a rough time lately for you. You need to do you, time for some real " Heather time" i know it seems impossible, everyone tells me to " rest" but i have no idea how.

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