Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BBQ doesn't agree

So, Ron has a thing on the back of his neck, but it is healing, whatever it is.  I think it is related to another issue so I'm not too worried about it. 

Ron is a stubborn man, it can be difficult to get him to do the obvious, that's all I will say. 

The wounds on his leg are dry and scabby, look to be healing well, those are just "abusing my back massager and getting friction blisters" problem which has been the only problem with his legs, period.  I would get angrier about him continuing to use that thing on his legs, but I don't know what the neuropathy is like.  I can guess, a little, "foot went to sleep" type thing but I don't know. 

I try not to assume I know how much someone is hurting. 

So I addressed all of that early this morning.  Happily, I got to sleep in.  I woke up at 7 instead of my usual 3-4-5 AM.  Yeah, I had to go to work, but I got to sleep in!  Yes! 

Of course I woke up exhausted like I always do. 

When I got to work, the other vendor's two guys told me they had to check my purse to make sure it was mine, and they had looked at a prescription bottle, they hoped that was OK.  Well, I am very open about my illness and all the stuff I take, so of course I said that was fine.  I just had a puzzle book, battery charger, a month of medication, a garage door opener (!), and some tampons in a side pocket.  I didn't really care if any of them saw all of it. 

I have a working uterus.  So what?  They put my purse away so it didn't walk off.  That's all I care about. 

I stocked, and Ron decided he wanted to put the new water into the bottled drink vendor.  However, we had a problem. 

We sell the Ozarka at $1.  But the new stuff was going out at 75 cents.  I had to reprogram it. 

Now, every machine has it's little glitch.  There's a couple of things you need to do with each machine.  You need to get accountability readings, and you need to set prices.  Sometimes, you need to read and clear out error messages. 

When I get an accountability reading or set prices in Snack #2, it throws food at me.  For real.  It is a bad board issue and we are getting a new one. 

It is easy to set prices on the snack and food machines.  I basically enter the menu, enter the price, enter the selection and I am good to go. 

The bottled vendor is more tricky.  It is a Dixie-Narco.  I went to the proper menu, "service".  Then I went to 7, for price assignment.  Ok. 

Next up I hit 1 for "set prices".  OK.  I had to hit star to enter the menu.  With me?  It said $1.00.  I input a new price and then a selection.  It said "A1 assigned".  I then had some trouble exiting the menu. 

I went to A1.  It wasn't assigned.  Not only that, somehow I had set every price in the machine at a dollar! 

Ron was Not Happy.  The manual was not helpful.  Eventually I figured it out, after I got to "A1 Assigned" I had to hit the "star" button again.  That did the trick.  Pretty exhausting. 

Then I had to reprogram 27 bottled vendor selections back to $1.15 (our price for a 16.9 ounce soda).  I was pretty tired, but also pretty confident, I knew how to do prices now. 

Ron, in the meantime, had decided to put the "new" water into a food machine instead!  LOL  I don't blame him.  Now THAT was easy programming, hit the price assign button, key in .75, and then click 4 doors, to set the price for each row!  Done! 

By the time we got through all that, and I had serviced the coffee machine, it was time to go.  Thank God. 

Now we had to go to the bank.  But the driver got confused as to which bank. 

We got there, though.  I made the deposit and got paid early.  We went to lunch. 

Our driver is having some excitement in his life which I can't share.  I just hope it doesn't blow up in his face.  His truck is running pretty rough, I hope he can get it fixed cheap. 

We went out to lunch, after, at a BBQ place.  I just had cheesecake because BBQ doesn't really agree these days.  And what a sad statement for a Texan to make. 

However, lithium is pretty harsh.  But, I need a bad-ass medication for a bad-ass illness.  And my illness is pretty horrible. 

After taking said medication with lunch, I was pretty exhausted.  We came home just in time to see the garbage man taking away my old mattress.  Good. 

Then I took a nap for about an hour.  Not as long as I would have liked, but not horrible either.  It may rain tomorrow, we'll see.

After I got up I put away the garbage can, checked the mail, and did the litterbox.  All 3 of them.  Ron has to do his own, it's only fair.  I am doing 75% of the litter, he can do 25%.  Of course, they use his box the most. 

I just don't want any bad habits developing. 

I had already done my God Time and shower when I got up so I didn't have to worry about that.  But boy, am I tired. 

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Anonymous said...

The longer you have Ron " doing for himelf you and the kitties" the longer he we feel like he has a vaulable position in the house he is obligated to do, gives him value and purpose in his home ...keeping him mobile longer is very important. You are a very good wife and creative manipulator for the ultimate good! I know this is a hard road, thank you for being so validating and real! Have a peaceful good weekend Heather

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