Sunday, May 8, 2016

He wasn't eating with me

Mother's Day.  OK, done with that. 

The neighbors are still busy doing (illegal, if you'll pardon the pun [wink]) construction.  I'll be glad when they finish. 

Last night I called my Dad and adoptive Mom.  I always wonder if I need to capitalize adoptive.  Anyway, she asked if I had any plans for the garden this year. 

No, I told her, I haven't done anything in a couple of years, since Doc had to double my lithium.  I don't have much energy. 

For instance, it about wiped me out to give Ron his bath and then make his bed, while throwing some of his dirty clothes into the washer.  I just don't have energy for "fun" stuff anymore. 

When I get manic, I post a lot, and clean.  Not exactly my idea of a good time! 

I get it, me, and a lot of others, suffer from chronic fatigue.  Mine is not the only blog you'll find with someone complaining. 

That's another thing that suffers under lithium, spelling and grammar.  I don't feel I'm the writer I was a couple years ago.  I'm a lot less bitchy, but I'm not the same. 

Why do I mention all this?  I'm sure not going off my medication, and I don't believe in complaining about things I must manage. 

Well, it doesn't bother me as much as you might think. 

The way I see it, I will get to experience all the things I missed out in life; having a lavish garden every year, driving, etc.  I just have to wait until I get to Heaven, one way or the other.  One way being death (and I don't plan to hasten it) and the other being the Rapture. 

I just have to be patient. 

That said, about halfway through the above post we went out to dinner at the Waffle House.  While eating there, a muslim came in. 

Now before I go any further I have to tell you, we have tons of halal eating establishments.  One place near my house brags about it's use of halal chicken only.  If you want a halal meal, it's easy to find in NW (and SW, I imagine) Houston. 

This guy wanted a halal meal at the Waffle House.  Remember when I said "This place is made of pork"?  A direct quote from a waitress. 

Anyway, he came in and harangued the waitress, and the cook, for a good 5 minutes.  The cook and waitress were very nice and accommodating.  He used "clean" utensils, etc.  The guy was very suspicious even though they have an open grill and you can see everything they do. 

He kept asking questions about food that had been placed on the grill, after his order had been cooked.  It was exhausting to listen to. 

I was so glad he wasn't eating with me.  He had a nasty wet cough, too, and I was happy to see him go. 

Why didn't he just look up a halal eating place on his smartphone?  He could have found one in a few minutes. 

Later on, Ron wondered aloud if he was just going around trying to infect people.  I don't know. 

We came home, they are still doing the construction.  I am really sick of the construction and will be happy to see the end of it.  I got a "sort of" nap today, which is better than I expected. 

I think I need to change out my bed pillow, though, it has a funny smell.  I'll get it the next time I go to Walmart. 

As it is, tomorrow, work.  In the rain.  Houston likes to rain on Mondays. 


Anonymous said...

I dont think you give yourself enough credit, so i will

You have doubled your stressors and workload ( probably more than doubled) as Ron has become more physically and mentally disabled.

Yes your meds cause fatigue..but Heather So does doing the work AND care for two as only one.

You sound very tired and you know what caregiver burn out is? Are you there you think?

" fun" time is rest and medicine....large or small..things that make YOU happy? Also rest your mind ( not mania just simple things)... Not giving your mind and body a break and reason to perserve is not good SELF care taking

Feel better soon !

Anonymous said...

Mothers Day is the worst I dread it every year!

Heather Knits said...

I didn't think about my extra "duties". I'm sure that is a big part of it.

My medication inserts all yell a lot about fatigue, and Doc is never surprised, so I think that's a factor too. God knows it's not going to stop me from taking my medication!

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