Thursday, May 26, 2016

6 foot boards

I'm trying to be philosophical. 

#6, as part of his remodeling and expansion (without either building permit or HOA approval) installed a motion detector light for the backyard.  All well and good, but one of the lights faces into my bedroom and the bathroom.  Probably Ron's room too but I didn't check. 

*It doesn't seem to be waking me up.*  I just wake up periodically (I think we all do) and see the light is on, close my eyes, roll over, and go back to sleep.  The light does not touch my bed or near my head, just the bathroom wall past the foot of the bed. 

But still.  Rude.  REALLY?  HAD to point it at our yard? 

I could understand if we still had the cats free-ranging, he might do it as a passive-aggressive way to get "back" at us for "letting" the cats in his yard, but he put this up a month after I put them on lockdown. 

At the rate he's going, even if he moves out, the next people will just be another large family, lots of screaming children, party bunch.  He has formatted his house for just that lifestyle.  So much for the sweet little 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 square feet, 2 car garage.  Now it is well over 2000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, no car garage. 

My only hope is the insurance company will conduct an inspection and raise his rates and/or tell him they will not cover his "expansions". 

Yes, we could talk to him, but he doesn't have a good sense of boundaries.  The next thing I know he would be wandering around in our backyard "seeing how bad it is" or some BS.  I'd just as soon live with the light. 

It does make it easier to get up to pee, in the middle of the night, and, happily, he isn't leaving the light on ALL the time.  I just feel a little violated. 

It's been a week for that. 

I get it, they're helicopter parents, worried about security.  But why do they always let their toddlers run in the street? 

I'm trying to take the attitude it protects my house, too. 

I did sleep OK but woke up exhausted.  I did my God Time later.  I took a shower, shaved my legs, dealt with my cycle stuff. 

I have one favorite pair of pants.  They were in the dryer.  When the dryer finished up I snatched them out and hung up my clothes. 

Off to work.  It seemed like everyone had a complaint or "suggestion".  I had one guy trying to tell me how the other guys should run their business.  I walked away.  Ron had wanted to use him for trips to Sam's Club, but he proved himself very unreliable and very demanding.  He kept dropping heavy hints he wanted free merchandise. 

I don't do handouts.  You make enough money, BUY what you want. 

Then I had a woman stalking me for milk, which we haven't sold in years.  The last time we sold it I ended up throwing 80% out.  We haven't sold it in probably 4-5 years. 

"We're not selling milk" I told her.  I should have told her to go bother the other vendor with her "suggestion".  I also told her it would not be cheap and people wouldn't like that. 

Our repairman was late and Ron left a nasty message.  I wish he hadn't done that.  Yell at me, but not the repairman

The repairman wasn't happy when he did show up, but I made Ron apologize.  I also told the guy Ron has been in a lot of chronic pain, which he is, from his back. 

Finally done, we got ready to do the inventory.  Ron got his digital recorder, and it wouldn't work.  Ron frantically tried to get it to work while I got a pen and paper. 

I made an old school list of our inventory.  Then Ron got the thing working and I read it off. 

Now, we're leaving. 

We went to Home Depot.  I realized recently, to my horror, that my "house paint" was formulated with an Interior base!  I was pretty upset.  Now, at least, I can do touch ups and stuff without worrying about it flaking off in a year. 

I also got an extension cord for Ron, and some boards for the gate.  The HOA doesn't like the way Ron styled the gate, so he has to redo it.  I bought some painting supplies. 

Then I paid and our driver picked us up.  It would be pretty funny to try to take 6 foot boards on paratransit! 

We ran by a Burger King on the way home.  I ate and took a nap (a pretty good one, in spite of contractor noises coming from #6). 

When I got up, I talked to Ron for a while, waited for "The Big Storm" due, and went out on the Catio with him for a while.  We sat and talked, we like to do that. 


Biscuit came in and is walking on the keyboard.   Time to go. 

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Anonymous said...

Heather, I write about my situation to make you feel better.
I have neighbors who for 10+ years haven't bothered to put siding on their house.
Then there's the neighbor who got angry with us because we called the township on
him for his "open" septic that was just covered with plywood that he painted a big
F.U. with a smiley face on the side of his house. That resulted in another call to
the township.
Now, that house is condemned. Doesn't do much for my property value.
We have probably the best looking house in the area.
I feel violated that my neighbors don't care enough about their houses to make it a nicer area to live.
I don't live in a H.O.A., I live in the country but still....
I could go on and on.

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