Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I forgot to add:

Ron's colon is bleeding again.  Since it is pretty mild to moderate he has talked me out of taking him to the doctor.  They couldn't do a damned thing the last time two times and he is not passing clots. 

He also has two blisters on one leg, but they are not infected.  He is keeping them clean. 

Other than that, he's fine. 

So am I except for the usual.  Headaches, fatigue, dry mouth.  During my nap today I had a dream I was trying to find a drink of water.  I woke up very thirsty! 

My period is due in about a week and a half so I can expect my headaches to increase.  Ugh. 

Other than that, we are fine.  More importantly the cats are fine too. 


Anonymous said...

May i suggest something! I would ask the dr to culture Ron's wettest wound just to see ? since his sugars are so high ..if he is holding on to a reinfecting bacteria? Just a thought and maybe one you have allready planned. So so glad he is going in to be seen. Oh and i have dumped dish soap! ARGHHH! What a freaking mess! You mop and wipe and think you are done but one drop of water one the floor and you can slip and bust your ( mine and i have) butt!

I am glad the yard guy told you, sounds like it really bothered him but he was afraid of loosing work with such nice folks as you and Ron. As you said Ron's hand was in his pocket to pay his wages with you agreeing. Because you look beyond.

I have learned so much about cats from you and as i mention we will adopt this year, my dog is grieving his buddy and it is time to welcome a new family member. One litter box per cat, check! No problem ..have you tried a self cleaning? What type of box? Can i ask about litter types? I know you mention it..but i looked in the isle and there are so many litters! I choose a spot and WILL build a catio, before we adopt ( busy road ) I have learned from you how and what to feed what cats and have actually santized and saved foam trays from meat and produce ( i usually use them for painting but cat food on something you can toss? Brilliant! I know i have to watch because of how easy it is for husbands to Over treat! My husband really is very much like Ron with animals.
You kitty tips are gladly received,and convinced me the time is here to start making this a reality, so many kitties need homes and we can and should offer ours.

if you have more tips for a first time cat owner share away i will take your advice for sure!

Oh , we are both allergic Heather, but take antihistamines for seasonal allergies, and play/ cuddle our friends cats. I am allergic to dogs and have had many ..no silly allergy will keep me from the therapy and love of my animals!

Enough my comments are turning to blog posts sorry

Anonymous said...

Crap i misread this i am sorry you are not going to the dr ...just ignore me then about the wound and blame my confusion on my meds please still adjusting them and i get confused i am sorry ...feeling 100% better just have trouble reading

Anonymous said...

Wow Ron! Heather glad you survived with no flooding. We miss your videos! Would love to see you again with that great haircut!

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