Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What a morning

I didn't sleep well last night, and Torbie slept with me for a while.  That was nice. 

Ron has some issues with Torbie, she loves to get in his bed.  He feels it deters Baby Girl from cuddling with him.  But he still wants both cats. 

I told him he has to choose, but he won't.  So he feeds Torbie treats and then shoves her on the floor, then drags Baby Girl into bed. 

Biscuit brought me a snake, which I had to take outside this morning.  It was very lively. 

I am waiting on my repair man to move the machines.   More later.

1 comment:

Spankadoo said...

I love snakes! Thanks Biscuit for the show and tell today! LOL ...that is cool I would have screamed too but once I calmed down how cute was it anyway?

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