Monday, August 7, 2017

Paleo and medication issues

I lay in bed last night, my gums throbbing.  For some reason gingivitis was making my gums throb and ache horribly.  I tried everything.  I tried Vitamin C.  I tried coconut oil.  I tried Vitamin A.  I tried aspirin.  I brushed my teeth.  I rinsed with mouthwash.  I flossed. 

I finally managed to fall into a fitful sleep, only to awake again at 2.  This time, I ate a snack and took a Naproxen, I wasn't playing around.  I fell back asleep. 

I woke again around 5.  I had to take a shower.  I cooked a sausage patty in the microwave first so it would be cool by the time I ate it. 

I have eaten hundreds of precooked sausage patties.  I find them very useful.  I ate them back in 2004, and when I restarted Atkins again in 2008. 

I started taking my Wellbutrin back in 2010, after, I'm pretty sure, I had gone off Atkins again.  How do I know this? 

Well, I took my shower.  There was a giant spider in the shower and I was pretty much blind due to not having my glasses.  Eventually, the spider went down the drain and into my hair catcher.  So now I have to touch it when I clean out the hair catcher.  I will put on some gloves, first. 

After that trauma, I was ready for a good breakfast; I sat down with my morning medication (Wellbutrin, 150 mg; and some supplements) and ate my sausage patty.  I drank my Diet Mountain Dew and took my pills. 

Almost immediately, I knew I had made a horrible mistake.  I became very queasy.  And our ride was 5 minutes away.  I almost vomited. 

I grabbed the bucket I keep for times like this (a 2.5 gallon bucket, or about 10 liters), to take with me.  I got the pepto-bismol and took a big swig. 

The Pepto helped.  I took the bucket out to the vehicle when we left.  Ron and the driver kept talking about food, but my nausea was a little better so I didn't have to yell at them. 

Not really what I wanted to hear, though, people talking about greasy sausage as my pills floated in a sea of sausage grease. 

And normally I am fine!  I never get sick from my Wellbutrin, and I have, almost always, taken it with a protein bar.  For whatever reason Wellbutrin hates sausage.  I will remember that, and try to figure out a paleo breakfast (not interested in eggs, that early) I can do. 

We got to work.  Sales are still pretty dead.  I stocked what I could and helped Ron.  I stocked sandwiches and mashed up cardboard for the recycling.  Pretty soon, we were done. 

We went outside.  Huge, black, rain clouds, pregnant with rain, hung over us.  Happily our ride was already there. 

We managed to get aboard before the rain started.  We had to pick up a manic woman with a walker who wouldn't shut up on the telephone, she had the pressured speech, the absolute mandate to get out as many words at possible, etc.  She was also a gossip. 

I don't want to hear about how your son's mother in law called him to bring her some food, because she was hungry.  I kept thinking someone should sign her up for meals on wheels. 

Happily, we finally got to her drop off location.  I could see the city skyline from where we dropped her off. 

We were probably downtown a good 15 minutes after that.  Total riding time, an hour, not bad considering how far we went from work to the "Ridestore". 

She took us in the building and signed us in.  I found that ironic as the building is infested with homeless people who monopolize the public bathroom and loiter in the lobby.  If they really cared about security, they wouldn't let them in. 

We got in line and were seen quickly.  The man had a few glitches, but he got our new pass printed up.  It cost us $418.50, we had to borrow from our savings to pay it. 

We also bought some tickets, because our favorite BBQ place is in an area where you can only pay for a ride with 2 tickets, each way, and they do not honor the passes. 

Then we went to eat.  I felt better but pretty cautious. 

I got a fruit salad and an egg and bacon bagel.  I would have rather had an English muffin but they were out.  It settled OK.  I decided to call it my cheat meal. 

Ron had a plain croissant, toasted, with a little "butter" (probably margarine).  He enjoyed that. 

Due to the aforementioned homeless hogging up the public bathrooms, we really didn't want to use them.  I didn't have my disinfecting spray, we could get hepatitis or even AIDS depending.  There was never, not a line for the bathroom. 

Happily neither of us needed one.  We had to wait quite a while, over an hour. 

The rain hit downtown and came down in huge sheets, like someone was throwing buckets of water on the building.  Unfortunately, our driver came in the middle of it.  I had to take Ron out in all that.

"I thought you said it was covered" He yelled as the water sprayed him. 
"It is" I replied "It's just blowing." 

I got him into the cab and we were nice and dry.  We were pretty soaked so the driver turned off the air conditioning.  Happily, we had a straight ride home. 

He missed an exit, but did not choose to lunge over at the last second, in front of the tractor-trailer.  I praised him for making a good call.  I know vehicles take a lot longer to stop in the rain and that thing would have pasted us.  He went up to the next exit and took a U-turn. 

We chatted about various things, he told me about his mother's cats, and the snakes in Nigeria.  We got home. 

It was barely raining at home so we used the remote to open the garage door.  We went inside and shut it quickly, while it still worked.  Then we went inside. 

I was pretty exhausted and sleep deprived, so I took a nap.  When I got up, we worked on the monthly accounting report.  We got that filed. 

Now we just need to mail them their check tomorrow. 

I am back to being pretty queasy again.  I don't know what I will eat for dinner.  I think I'll try a can of vegetable soup, it has potatoes, which I don't want to eat, but it is better than nothing. 

It is hard figuring out the paleo with the medication issues. 

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Anonymous said...

Awww I totally feel your pain you are such a good writer when you get me I feel the queasiness...I am sorry this is a struggle but you are doing this for yourself so add and subtract foods accordingly . Many huge hugs

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