Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I slept OK last night, even though I didn't see Torbie.  She probably slept on the condo in my room, next to the bed.  I can't fault her for that, at least she is nearby. 

I got up and took my shower, then read my charity newsletters.  That took a while.  Then Ron got up and we went to Walmart. 

He wore his shorts and sandals, showing off all his leg scars, small cuts, and scrapes from running into stuff.  I have yet to meet a blind person with pretty legs. 

I took my bags with me, and took out some garbage Ron had collected, including two wine boxes and two liquor bottles. "Must have been some party" said the driver. 

"It's all Ron" I replied.  We boarded and off we went. I wanted some stuff like gelatin (I hear it is good for joints, and it won't disagree like glucosamine will), cat food, litter, drain cleaner, etc.  I got some foam plates and disposable cutlery.  When I finished, I went back up the produce department. 

I wanted some black grapes, I really like them and they are in season now.  I also got some more blackberries.  I looked at the citrus and apples but didn't really want anything out of season. 

I bought some organic lemons a week or so ago and they keep going bad on me.  That's what happens when you buy organic stuff out of season, it just doesn't have a long life.  I am debating if I want to buy the $2 bag of conventional lemons once I use these up.  I cut the lemon into pieces and put it in my water glass all day, so any chemicals in the peel will be leaching out into the water.  Something to think about. 

I went over to the "greens".  I got a bag of "rainbow kale", two different colors in the same bag, but it mainly seemed to be green kale and red stem pieces.  I think it is organic. 

Then I saw some multicolored carrots.  "Rainbow carrots" they call them, purple, orange, yellow, and white (each carrot is a different color).  They looked good, were organic, and very reasonably priced.  I also found some organic rainbow baby carrots and got those, too.  Last but not least, some celery.  I like it and it is good for lowering blood pressure (eat a couple stalks a day).  I figured I had plenty of produce by now, and I needed to find a place to put it in my fridge, so I checked out. 

I ended up with a muslim gal, she was nice but did freak out when a coworker pretended to pull off her headscarf.  You don't have to dress like that in Houston, of all places, but I guess her parents see her as a "good" girl.  I guess it was a good thing I didn't buy any bacon. 

I checked out and found Ron.  I left the cart with him (!) and went to McDonald's.  I was hungry.  I ordered a couple bunless double cheeseburgers and walked back to Ron. 

I saw a woman taking my shopping cart and leaving the building.  I ran after her.  She was the driver.  I told Ron as I took him to the van.  He got really upset at the driver and scolded her, then played some old soul music which she loved.  We went to a senior apartment complex but the client never came out, then we went to the house. 

I ate two of my burgers, bunless, on the way.  I offered the third to the driver but she said no. 

A Chinese woman on the vehicle kept asking me if Ron was Mexican.  I kept saying no.  I thought she was rather rude. 

She did like the house, though. 

I got everything unloaded (I had 38# of cat litter in addition to the other things).  I got everything put in the house (I still need to work on putting everything away), and put away the produce.  I have plenty of meats in the freezer, precooked and just waiting to be warmed up. 

I ate the last of my "old" fruit before putting the new away.  The "old" grapes were starting to shrivel but still good. 

Since there were 4 kids in my childhood home, food never had a chance to go bad.  And my stepsister had a friend live with us for a year, too. 

I took a nap.  I was awoken by someone tapping on the door.  I didn't answer.  They eventually went away.  The garbage truck came and took it all away.  I plan to put my can up when I go check the mail. 

I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up.  Then I tried lying down again, this time with Biscuit.  He laid on my legs and we had a good time, but it is impossible for me to sleep with a cat laying on me.  I stayed there for about 40 minutes. 

In the meantime, I was running the "clean" cycle on my washer.  You have to do that at least once a month, or every 6 loads.  I got up and on the computer. 

Ron is asleep.  He has been OK to me today. 

He isn't, always.  I called one relative and let her hear Ron cursing me out for a while, just to document it.  I didn't want them to think I was exaggerating or whatever. 

I don't know what may happen.  Ron may fry his liver taking Tylenol and vodka.  He may kill himself during one of his blackouts.  He could hurt me during one of his blackouts. 

Regardless of what happens, I think everything needs to be documented, one reason I put so much into this blog. 

On a happier note, Biscuit is sleeping behind my chair, waiting for his dinner.  I think I will feed him early because he was so cute. 

Dinner is more "fun" for the cats because they get dry food in addition to the wet.  They love dry food. 

I poured drain cleaner down the pipes about 30 minutes ago.  I like to do that now and then to clean the pipes.  My motto is to prevent the clog, not treat it.  It was awful back in 2014 when the drain line backed up and I raw waste in my bathtub.  We couldn't even use the toilet until the plumber came out and fixed it. 

I sure don't want a repeat of that. 

Off to feed Biscuit. 

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Spankadoo said...

Yes document everything
Much love and thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos

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