Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday in the heat

I didn't sleep well last night, I had a weird painless throbbing thing on the top of my left foot.  I think it is the "twitching" I have read about in my side effects.  It was so bad I put a salonpas patch on it, not because it was hurting, but because I hoped the distraction provided by the patch would cancel out the twitch/throb. 

I also had some other issues.  At any rate, I kept waking up and did not sleep well at all.  I was delighted to find Torbie in my bed sometime in the middle of the night.  She is so cute. 

I got up and took my shower, ate my banana and took my pills.  Our ride came pretty early and we got to Sam's 15 minutes before opening. 

Once they opened, I did my shopping and got everything on the list.  It was a lot.  I checked out and got myself a drink.  A diet caffeine free soda, that is.  I forget, sometimes, others have a very different definition of "drink". 

Anyway, we got a guy to help us and Jack showed up on time.  We got the truck loaded and off to work. 

Since it's been so hot, I've been plying Jack with cold drinks (water, gatorate, etc) to keep him cool and hydrated.  To be honest, he does most of the unloading, especially since "the shoulder thing". 

I am so glad I figured out paleo was the way to go. 

So, I got the carts and we unloaded, took everything into the building.  We checked the machines (Ron and I, Jack isn't allowed in the building), and realized we really didn't need to stock. 

Ron had scheduled hours for us to work, but we didn't need them.  So he called a cab to take us home. 

We had to divert due to traffic and road construction, but we got around.  Finally home. 

I was pretty tired.  I took a nap.  I had weird dreams, but, yet again, woke up to Torbie.  She is such a joy.  I woke up with a moderate headache and took some aspirin.  It worked. 

We had planned to go to the BBQ place.  I took the photo of Ron as he was getting ready.  Baby Girl was in the wheelchair when I took the photo, you can see the arms of the wheelchair at the bottom of the photo.  Torbie and Biscuit were, of course, with Ron. 

We went to the BBQ place.  I got links, half a pound, and Ron got the rib dinner.  We had a pretty good time, eating and talking.  I didn't get anything off my eating plan. 

I even had a full quart of water before I started drinking the diet soda.  I thought that would be a good start. 

Pretty soon, time to go home.  Our driver was right on time and had no trouble finding us.  He was teasing us about "his" BBQ, I told him I bought him a sandwich but Ron ate it. 

We came home, I watched TV for a little while.  Pretty soon I'm going to bed. 

My pants are getting looser, I think.  They feel looser.  The nice thing about one pair, it has a drawstring so I can just tighten it up as needed.   Good.  I have only a general idea where my "smaller sizes" are hiding. 

I had dramatic losses, and equally dramatic gains, on low carb.  Paleo weight loss is something new to me. 

I was down to 245.8.  I was 253 at the doctor's office last month.  So I'm losing, but it's more gradual.  That is probably better for me. 

I just hope I keep losing.  I'm sure eating on plan. 


Spankadoo said...

I found a 2 week paleo kick start I am jumping on board my arthritis is pretty bad and I need to loose weight so why not give it a try

Heather Knits said...

I hope your results are as good as mine. My pain was gone in a couple days, once I started eating clean I began losing weight.

I did have some trouble regulating my blood sugar at first, I would get very hungry at times, but that passed and I have to remind myself to eat now.

Anonymous said...

I believe inflammation and the American diet are related. I eat minimally processed food on low carb diet.

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