Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Horrible cherries

I slept OK, but woke up tired.  I felt like I could have slept another 12 hours.  Welcome to medicated life. 

I ate a protein bar, the kind Walmart doesn't sell anymore, so I wouldn't have any problems with my medication.  I didn't. 

We went to work.  It was pretty slow, and uneventful except for Ron's exceptionally bad attitude.  I called him on verbal abuse a couple of times.  The first time he basically said if I wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't have to abuse me.  Classic abuser thinking, the abuse is always the victim's fault.  I forget what he said the second time but it wasn't nice.  All I did was help him, with a good attitude I might add. 

If I went in there throwing attitude and refusing tasks, I could understand him getting ugly, but I didn't do that at all. 

Finally time to go.  We went to do a coin deposit at the bank.  We had a very heavy jar of dimes.  He was very careful of my shoulder and didn't want me to do any lifting.  I was OK with what I did do, though. 

We got them deposited and came home.  It was about 2.  I couldn't fall asleep, I just lay in bed drowsing.  Biscuit came along and laid on my legs, always a nice treat.  Of course then, I couldn't move.  I didn't mind. 

The alarm went off right as I finally started feeling sleepy.  I got up and got dressed.  We were going to Walmart. 

As it turns out, going to Walmart, near the first of the month, later in the afternoon/evening, was a bad idea.  It was pretty colossally busy.  Ron had quite a list and I got him everything on it, including antacids, cat treats, and 4 kinds of popped, seasoned, popcorn.  I got another container of cat treats, some stuff I forget, and some fruit. 

I liked the black grapes so much I bought another bunch.  I am woefully ignorant when it comes to bananas.  For a long time the texture made me gag and I couldn't stand them.  Not to mention they are not low carb.  They do, however, work with my morning medication. 

So I bought the greenest bunch I could find, and then another couple that were ripe.  I figure by the time I ate the ripe ones, the green ones will be ripe.  That's the theory.  I only spent about a dollar or two on them, total.  If I'm wrong, I'm not out a lot of money for "wasting" food. 

A lot of the black grapes had been smashed, I could see the juice at the bottom of their bags (the bunches were sold already packed into plastic bags).  I finally found a nice looking bunch with no juice, looked good. 

I used to live near a cherry orchard, and the farmers would sell cherries by the side of the road.  They weren't cheap, but they were delicious.  Walmart had a sale on cherries.  They didn't look as dark as I remembered, but maybe things change, breeders develop better varieties and all of that. 

I sampled one, and it was so bad I would have spit it out if I had been outside.  Nothing like I remembered, no sweetness at all, just a nearly-sour, bland-tasting fruit.  Awful.  I sure wasn't buying that. 

Now, morally I guess I feel like I shouldn't sample small fruits at the grocery store, but today I was sure glad I had.  I didn't sample the grapes I bought because I had just bought a bunch of that brand last week, and I doubted they suddenly went bad.  But something new?  I'm probably going to check. 

Glad I did.  Awful.  Ugh. 

I checked out. The store was very busy and Ron was impressed I had managed to finish so early. 

I left the cart with him, after reminding him to hang onto it (so it doesn't get taken again, like it did last time), and went to McDonald's.  Ron wanted a double cheeseburger to eat ASAP, and a "onion burger" to eat at home. 

It is technically a sweet BBQ bacon burger.  Whatever you call it, I ordered it, and Ron's double cheeseburger. 

I ordered the ranch salad.  I have figured out that is the one I want.  It always takes them some time to get it prepared, but it looked delicious, if you're into salads. 

I did notice they just slapped two lids together, I guess they were out of the bowls.  But it held together long enough for me to get to the table.  I ate my food after I gave Ron his.  Salads generally require sitting down at a table. 

It looked nice, different things were at different "clock points" in the bowl.  Cheese at 2 o'clock.  Chicken at 4, bacon at 6, etc.  The greens were much better, and livelier, than Burger King's.  I ate the whole thing and went back to Ron. 

Ron had finished his double cheeseburger, which he really liked.  Good. 

We went outside right as the driver arrived.  He was listening to a Christian radio program, which I appreciated.  So many of the drivers listen to that "Girl, I want to *&^@ you" music.  It gets old. 

This was nice.  He was from Africa, and his cab license showed an unpronounceable name.  Didn't matter, he was a good driver, a nice man, and a Christian.  He helped me with the bags when we got home, and got Ron safely stowed in the wheelchair. 

Ron decided to back himself up the driveway, and almost went straight into a big spider web in the garage.  He hates spider webs.  I managed to save him in time. 

He took a little time telling me how much he loves me, etc.  I am always conflicted in how I want to respond to that, especially if he has not been good to me that day.  I settled for saying "Thank you". 

We went in the house.  He had me read him the receipt and realized he "owed" me some money for the purchases.  He gave me the $6 (I'm not worried about it, he pays the mortgage) and I gave him his stuff. 

I collected some trash and took out the garbage.  Then I went to the mountain of dirty clothes (two garbage bags) Ron had given me and began lint-brushing and pretreating stains.  Biscuit joined me, sitting on top of the dryer.  I quit about halfway through and decided to do something fun. 

We have tomorrow off.  Ron made a trip to take us out to breakfast.  I might have wanted to stay home and try a banana with my medication, in a context (day off) when it wouldn't matter if I got sick, but he wanted to go somewhere so I agreed. 

I plan to go to bed pretty soon after I check my online forums.  I am pretty tired, but otherwise I feel good. 

I think, tomorrow, I will begin logging the foods I eat just to stay a little more accountable.  At this point and time I am not interested in "diet for weight loss".  I just want to be healthy and pain free.  Right now I feel that I am, and I want to keep that up. 

See you tomorrow. 

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Spankadoo said...

I eat so much better when I log foods and see what I am actually doing to myself !
Glad to see you putting yourself as a priority . Huge hugs!

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