Saturday, August 5, 2017

I can do snacks all by myself

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, I think it was the caffeine. 

Ron woke me up this morning, half an hour before our pickup.  Turns out I forgot to set the alarm after I programmed it.  OOOps. 

No time for a shower, I freshened up as best I could and got ready for a hot day's labor in the sun.  We went to the warehouse. 

An employee came up to me and offered to load the cart.  Apparently I am on the list for "needs help every time"now, and we spend enough that it is worth their while.  I let him load the cart with drinks, then I went off to do snacks by myself. 

I had made a detailed list, so I got everything I needed.  I made an executive decision to buy the Cheeto Brand Chester's Hot Fries rather than the Andy Capp Fries.  When I stock the "big hot chips" (a 2 ounce bag instead of 1 ounce, a variety of hot flavored chips), the Chesters are selling out faster than anything else.  So why not sell it in a little bag, too?  Yes, it is 7 cents more a bag but if we sell a lot it will pay off. 

So I got them.  I also got the other stuff I needed.  I checked out and paid, leaving some change for Ron. 

Ron's "girlfriend" was back at the food court, so she offered to sell us a hot dog if I paid for it up front.  I did that.  I got myself a drink, in addition to Ron's drink. 

Ron ate his hot dog with glee.  It is the highlight of his early Saturday.  He pouts and sulks if he doesn't get it. 

Jack came.  He loaded the truck by himself, just the way he wanted it.  He, I think, gets a little frustrated with the "helpers" because they don't always do things his way. 

We got to work.  I got the carts.  My shoulder did not bother me at all. 

We unloaded the truck and put everything on the carts.  I made sure Jack had cold drinks.  I don't want him passing out from heatstroke. 

Plus, I like to think of myself as a kind person. 

We got everything into the building.  We didn't need to do a lot of stocking, so I mainly focused on putting things away so they will be ready Monday. 

We actually had some leftover time at the end of it.  We went out and waited in the hot sun.  A small, pop-up shower came along and misted us.  Ron liked it.  I put up my umbrella.  I hate raindrops on my glasses. 

Our ride finally showed, we went home.  I took a nap for a while. 

I woke up early, around 3.  Our ride was taking us to the BBQ place at 4, but it ended up coming closer to 5.  We still had a good time.  I got half a pound of brisket and Ron got a sliced beef sandwich. 

I ate most of my brisket, it was very good, tender and smoky.  I took my medication.  No problems.  Ron took his time eating his sandwich.  Our driver actually waited for us, very unusual. 

If I had had more money I would have bought him a catfish sandwich.  All he had to eat in the cab were generic brand breakfast biscuits. 

We went home.  I saw 2 new kids next door (#2, not #6).  So far the landlady has been proven wrong on two counts, she swore: no kids, no dogs.  Two of each.  I doubt she cares as long as they're paying the rent. 

I went to check the mail for Ron.  Months ago, we had a sinkhole form under the sidewalk, right next to the mailbox.  The sidewalk actually caved in, 20 foot deep hole, all kinds of drama.  They filled it in and laid a new sidewalk.  Well, the sidewalk has been sinking for months, and sure enough it is severely cracked and buckled.  I don't trust it, I walk around it on the grass, by the street. 

No way Ron can navigate that even if he could get himself over there (doubtful).  So I check as often as I remember. 

I haven't bought anything online in ages so no real motivation there. 

Ron and I are taking tomorrow off, no trips anywhere.  It should be nice.  Hopefully I can get some cleaning/laundry/litter box work done. 

But I also want to enjoy my time off.  I'll figure out a way to make it all work. 

When I fed the cats this evening, I had to laugh at the hierarchy, Baby Girl goes first, then Biscuit, but only after she leaves.  After Biscuit's done, then Torbie eats. 

Torbie may be first at treats but she is last when it comes to the food bowl.  The other cats always leave her plenty to eat, and don't forget she is 12.5 pounds. 

That's it.  Have a good weekend. 

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