Thursday, August 10, 2017

I'll do the limes, not the laundry

Today was pretty quiet.  I got up at 7 (on my day off!) and worked on the laundry for a while.  I had to run the dryer twice to get the load dry, then hang everything on Ron's chair.  I also had to hang up my own clothes (not much). 

I decided I would try to find a decent pair of workboots, I prefer steel toes because Ron's always running over my feet in his wheelchair.  The last pair I bought were horrible and felt like bricks on my feet. 

I checked the brand on my current workboots, the ones I love, but are falling apart: Brahma.  OK.  I would get that brand.  I stuck a pair of old socks in a back pocket, as I was wearing my flip flops. 

I double checked my list and waited on our ride, which was half an hour late.  Ron was very upset.  Our ride finally arrived and off we went to Walmart. 

We shared the van with a very obese woman in a reclining electric wheelchair.  A screw, or something, creaked ominously on the wheelchair every time the vehicle stopped.  I worried about her flying off the base and into my legs, so I pulled my legs under the seat as far as they'd go.  She kept interrupting us and wanted me to tell her how to download songs. 

"You buy them on Amazon" I replied tersely.  Then she wanted the free download sites and I don't even know any.  Not that I would share them if I did, "free" downloads are stealing unless approved by the artist.  I've had a lot of arguments about that. 

On a side note, I have a great song "Clip full of Hallelujahs", it was a free download on Amazon and I like it a lot.  It's very well done. 

She kept whining and interrupting, and I kept thanking God we don't ride with her on a regular basis.  We approached Walmart. 

I teased the driver, as I am prone to do sometimes, by asking him how many more stops we had before we went to Walmart.  He said we were next.   I grinned. 

The minute we stopped, I got off the vehicle without even saying anything.  I got Ron and put him in his usual spot.  He said he had to call a supervisor to finish "fixing' our trip.  Fine. 

I went on to do my shopping.  Acne Soap.  Acne soap at nearly 43 years old.  I see all these anti-aging creams and stuff, even if I were inclined to use them they are moisturizing.  I don't need that.  I need something to dry my skin!  I can get positively greasy, like a bacon pan or something, in the right situation. 

I got some more cat plates.  I use a 6 inch round foam plate to feed their canned food, that way I can throw it away when they're done. 

I got a case, four, six packs, of Diet Mountain Dew.  I bought toilet paper.  I got a new scale, a digital one, I think, will be easier to use than my old dial scale.

I called Ron to ask a question about disinfecting wipes.  You may remember, years ago, a man with no legs, and scabs all over his arms, was seated next to Ron's empty wheelchair.  He apparently had quite an itch because he kept rubbing his scabs all over Ron's wheelchair.  It was disgusting.  He was not mentally "slow". 

Thank God we were going home.  Once we got rid of the guy, I told the driver what had happened and warned her not to touch the wheelchair until I cleaned it.  I ran in the house and got some cleaning products, cleaned the chair, then she touched it and we put Ron in it.  But what if that happens again and we're not going home?  It would be really nice to have some sort of disinfectant product in the back of the wheelchair for times like that. 

So, I called Ron, to see if he would be willing to tote something around, on the back of his wheelchair.  I can hang all I want on the back, but at the end of the day it's really his chair. 

Anyway, he didn't take my call (I called once), then called and screamed at me for "bothering" him.  Well.  I put the cleaning products back. 

Then I got to the work boots.  I looked for the Brahma brand.  I found some likely-looking steel toed sneakers.  I pulled out a pair in my size.  I took out my socks, explaining to the stocker that they were my own socks.  They are pretty tired-looking so I'm sure she believed me. 

I tried them on.  They seemed like they would do well with some insoles.  I stomped around in them, jumped up and down, and put them in the cart.  Then I took off my socks and put them back in my pocket, then I headed off. 

I needed a queen sized black flat sheet.  They didn't have any.  I settled for a gray flat sheet. 

I selected a 200-page "fat" notebook I can use as my food log.  Then I went over to the produce.  I bought another really green batch of bananas (I still have some ripe ones at home).  I was done with produce, I still have plenty of other fruits and veggies at home. 

Oh, I forgot!  I took my medication with a banana this morning and I was fine, one reason I wanted more bananas.  I finally found a paleo thing that works with my breakfast.  Thank God.  And bananas are really easy to eat. 

Anyway, I decided to look at the spices.  I find it hard to plow through my kale, it's very green, dense, and chewy.  It gets stuck in my teeth every time.  I want to make it a better experience. 

So I bought some Cajun "blackened" seasoning with no MSG, and some Pickapeppa sauce, it isn't spicy hot but it appears to be spicy.  Either one, I figure, will perk up that kale. 

If nothing else I can use them on other foods.  Biscuit is begging for dinner, 45 minutes early.  He can be very persistent. 

All done, I checked out.  I bought Ron a bottle of his favorite iced tea. 

I made a deposit.  Some charity stuff is coming out, and my cell phone autopay.  The line looked really long at first but it moved fast.  Thank God. .

I took the cart over to Ron and gave him his tea.  I asked him if he wanted something from McDonald's.  At first he said no but then he texted me saying he wanted a double cheeseburger with bacon on it. 

In their defense, it was very busy, but I ordered three plain double cheeseburgers, no cheese.  I just wanted double meat patties on a bun.  They gave me plain cheeseburgers.  The cheese makes it harder to eat them without the bun.  Plus it's the next thing to plastic.  I really don't want to be eating that. 

Then I got Ron's text so I had to get back in line and order his thing.  I was happy to do it. 

I finally got all the food, and our ride came.  It was a large van. 

She was feeling down, she told us later, but we cheered her up.  Good.  I want to be "Oh, good, it's her!".  I don't want them to curse when they see our name, like I saw one driver do years ago. 

We got home and I unloaded everything and took it in the house, then I got Ron.  I gave him his burger and put all my stuff away. 

I took a nap, I didn't sleep very well but I tried.  Biscuit and Torbie slept on the cat condo next to my bed. 

Biscuit kept digging his claws into my leg while I typed, so I had to squirt him a couple of times.  He's backed off now.  I feel bad about it, but the last time he did it, he left a shred of skin hanging down. 

Thunder.  We may be getting some rain. 

I got up around 3:30 and I have to go to bed in about half an hour.  Someone was banging on my door earlier, it sounded like a salesman.  I didn't bother to answer. 

I didn't call you.  You didn't call me.  Why should I open the door? 

I have been getting a lot of AT&T salesmen.  We used to be former customers, but quit due to their horrible customer service (literally made me cry on one occasion), and crappy equipment.  When I tell them that they always say "Oh, things are better now".  No thanks, I will stick with my proven cable and ISP provider, thank you very much.  Thank God I live in the Big City and I do have a choice.  A lot of my friends are stuck with only one ISP, period. 

Anyway, I need to go to bed soon.  At least all the clothes are done.  I still need to wash the sheets.  I want to cut up some limes to put in my water before I go to bed, too.  I'll do the limes, not the laundry, for now. 

And I need to put the batteries in my new scale so I can use it tomorrow. 

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