Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Heather, the snake wrangler

I didn't sleep well last night, worried about the vending machines. 

Torbie slept with me, though.  I got up and did my usual morning routine, and Hello!  There's a snake in the hall!  It was about 6-8 inches long, a little brown snake.  They always look like this: 

That is not me holding it, just some random internet dude.  I always round up the snake with the broom and dustpan (wrangle?), and take it out the front door to live a new life outside. 

This one was livelier than most, though, he (?) kept raising his head and swiveling it back and forth.  It touched my hand as I exited the house. 

I did the Texan thing, I screamed, and dropped the dustpan.  The snake was OK, it took off once it realized it was outside.  I took a second to recover. 

Biscuit likes to bring me snakes, and apparently there are a lot of them in the catio for him to catch, and fetch, so many for me. 

Frosty used to do that, bring me the dirt snakes. 

I am sorry, neighbors, about the scream. 

We went to work.  I was worried someone might have run off with "our" pallet jack, but no one had.  They had moved it, though, which gave me a little bit of a start. 

We waited for the repairman.  Ron did something pointless with the soda for a while, but eventually gave up. 

He told me "You were right, I didn't need to do that". 

The repairman came, with his brother.  They got all the machines put back in pretty short order.  They all worked, too.  I got the guys some cold drinks and Ron paid them.  Then they left. 

Now it was time to work.  Yesterday, we had to take out cases and cases of drinks to make the machines lighter.  Ron and I put them back.  Then Ron stocked what sodas needed work while I worked on snacks.  It took a while. 

My shoulder was fine with all the reaching and lifting.  Funny to see how much diet affects my pain level and overall functionality. 

I took the pallet jack out to someone who needed it.  She was happy to get it. 

Finally done.  We left, hours late (Ron had put our ride on hold).  The next ride came pretty fast, considering.  We had to go miles out of our way, in the opposite direction, to take the other client home. 

I was pretty sure the driver was a lesbian but I don't have good gaydar.  It didn't matter, she was a good driver. 

We finally got to our location, and had her drop us off.  We went to the Kolache factory first, because they were about to close.  I got a diet Dr Pepper and Ron got a ham and cheese.  Then we went to Subway. 

I had them turn the "Spicy Italian" into a salad.  It was pretty good, but it didn't agree with the heavy whipping cream steamer I had at Starbucks.  I am still rather queasy, hours later.  I just took some ginger root, hopefully that will help.  It seems to be, already. 

Ginger root is really good stuff, cheap, and I can get a good quality at Walmart.  I take the capsules. 

After we finished Ron called to take this ride off of hold.  There was some confusion, but we eventually got our ride.  It was the driver with the purple braids.  I like her hair.  We had to go to the hospital to pick up a little old lady in a wheelchair, but that didn't take long. 

Ron said his gut was rumbling and he needed to get home quick.  The driver made that happen.  Ron just made it to the toilet in time. 

I hate these bowel dramas.  They are a result of his overuse of glucosamine.  He is supposed to take a few grams a day, he takes several, sometimes up to 8, depending on his pain level.  Glucosamine has been very good for the arthritis in his hand but it will cause digestive upset at high doses. 

Because I take lithium, I can't take glucosamine.  I tried once and I felt like I had food poisoning, doubled over on the toilet with wracking cramps for hours.  It's a shame.  Glucosamine is good stuff. 

My suggestion, get a pill cutter when you buy your glucosamine.  Cut the pill in half or even in thirds, and then take it.  See how you react. 

I checked the mail, just some charity newsletters.  I am hoping to get my X-ray report.  I helped Ron treat the cats (Baby Girl hissed at him when he moved the leg she was lying on, I swear that cat needs medication). 

I decided to take a nap, and called Torbie.  I was very excited when I felt a cat jump up on the bed, and then I saw it was Biscuit. 

Now, I could be like Ron, pout and sulk because I didn't get the cat I wanted, or I could pet him and encourage him to lay down.  I did the latter.  He laid down between my legs and curled up, throwing a leg over my thigh in a very lax manner.  I cuddled with him for about 20 minutes. 

I gave up.  I knew he was hungry, he had been bugging me for dinner since I got home, but the quiet cuteness did what no amount of begging could accomplish: I got up and fed him dinner, early. 

He was so excited when I said "Come On!" and realized I was going to feed him.  Baby Girl joined in, too, but Biscuit was tearing up that dry food. 

After he finished, he came back to bed.  I found that so endearing.  We had a cuddle for a while yet, but I couldn't move with him on top of me.  I finally got up, leaving him in the bed. 

I hope he doesn't puke in it. 

I took some ginger root for my stomach, which seems to be helping.  I just need to put gelatin on my shopping list for tomorrow, and charge my cell phone, before I go back to bed. 

I'm not as tired as you'd think; I'm not sure if it's because I had a bottle of Diet Dr Pepper today, in addition to my morning Diet Mountain Dew, or something else, but I'm pretty alert. 

I am just so glad my shoulder is better. 

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Delivered said...

Girl your brave to even sweep that snake up. I'm not as scared of snakes as I am of spiders. I'd be to chicken to go near that snake,but I know you got to do what you got to do sometimes. LOL LOL on screaming and dropping dust pan I would have had a heart attack with that scream. Love you Girl

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