Monday, July 31, 2017

"We would be at work for a while"

I didn't sleep well last night, I was worried about all the things that could go wrong today.  Then Torbie threw up in the bed, and I had to clean that up.  Later on, I woke up with pressed against me, warm and soft.  She is so sweet. 

I woke up a little late and rushed around getting things done.  One thing seemed pretty certain: we would be at work for a while.  So I fixed myself a sausage patty for breakfast and stuck a banana in the bag on the back of the wheelchair.  I also took a spoonful of coconut oil. 

Our ride arrived.  On the way to work, I told her I had "fixed" my shoulder through diet.  She wanted to know what I ate.  Fruits, vegetables (she's nodding), nuts (smiles approvingly), and meat. 

"YOU CAN'T EAT MEAT!" she screams.  It turns out she's a vegan.  There's no reasoning with the vegans, they have been brainwashed and refuse to listen to reason.  They don't realize the "vegan" sausage, pastries, etc. are full of processed crap and very unhealthy for them. 

In her case, her very obese grandmother is losing a lot of weight eating vegan.  Well, yeah, because there's nothing fun to eat. 

I was too tired to "get into it" with her.  But I did take pleasure in giving her my recipe for steamed kale in the microwave, with bacon bits.  She shuddered. 

We got to work.  Business as usual, end of the month accounting stuff.  I couldn't get a meter reading out of soda #2.  Other than that, pretty typical.  I did some stocking and Ron made sure the soda machines were nice and full. 

Time passed.  Where was the cleaning crew?  I saw some maintenance guys working on moving the other vendor's equipment back into "his" breakroom.  They did so without any problems.  I asked one of the guys about my cleaning crew. 

They have been crawling up our butts for over a month, raving about dirt under our vending machines, and demanding we move them so they could clean.  We called the number they gave us, last week, and told them we would be ready to go at 8:30 on Monday morning. 

"Oh, that's today?' 

Great.  He ran off.  I did manage to tell them I would need a pallet jack before we could move the machines. 

One of the guys came by, a couple minutes later, with a pallet jack. 

About that time the repairman contacted us.  He had arrived.  I let him in and he asked where "all the guys" were.  Good question.  We were supposed to have a full crew, I thought. 

Our area was conspicuously vacant, except for a couple of women mopping off in the corner.  The repairman looked at me, I looked at him.  "I will help as much as I can" I said. 

He opened the soda vending machines.  "These are supposed to be empty".  RON!  Ron just went on automatic pilot and filled them up like he always does. 

We had to "unstock" the three soda machines to make them lighter for the repairman.  It took a while, and my hands got numb from the cold sodas. 

He was able to move the bottled vendor, the three snack machines, and the two bill changers without any trouble.  He did need my help with the pallet jack, to get the soda machines.  We would tip the machine back, put the pallet jack under it, let the machine down.  Then he would push it more firmly onto the pallet jack.  Then he held the back while I "drove" it to our destination. 

Remember I don't drive.  I did OK, except for hitting a chair twice, and having to throw myself in front of it, once, to make it stop.  That's the nice thing about having some mass.  If I was a little skinny thing it would have run me over. 

We finally got them done.  All lined up in a row, unplugged, and sad looking. 

Then the bill.  $200.  He said that was a good deal, and I believe him.  You either trust your repairman, or you don't.  He said the cheapest guy he got quoted was $50 per machine just if the pallet jack touches the machine. 

Ron wasn't around, and he had the money, so I paid him out of my emergency money. 

Of course we have to pay it all again, tomorrow.  Then I have to put ALL those sodas back in the vending machines because they got mixed up and Ron won't be able to tell them apart. 

After the repairman left, Ron got pretty ugly with me.  Name calling, belittling, etc.  I wanted to ask him who just busted her ass helping him all morning but then he would have just gone on a tirade at God. 

If he wants to act like a jackass in front of witnesses, that's on him.  I know the customers talk.  There are very few secrets in the plant.   I just feel bad for the guy who ran over him, knowing that Ron is treating me like crap now. 

I asked him for my money back and he refused.  I was very unhappy.

The cleaners showed up with their floor stripper, buffer, and wax.  Good, at least it's getting done today.  By the time we left they had stripped the floor and were getting ready to wax it. 

We left.  He wanted to sit under a tree.  Fine.  I sat under a bench.  The ride came.  The driver was a little timid, not a good combination. 

We got Ron loaded and headed off to the bank.  I had taken the money out of the vending machines and he had counted it.  We were going to pay me, and hopefully pay me back. 

We had just enough to pay my salary, plus $200 more.  I told him "I took that money out of my own savings".  Ron acted as if he didn't understand I had used my money to pay the man (where else would I have gotten it?).  "Oh!" 

Then he paid me back.  If he had not paid me back within a few days I would have taken the money out of our savings account and told him about it.   I would have also told him I was never paying anyone again because he had proven he was unreliable about paying me back. 

As it turns out, he did do the right thing, but I was very disappointed in him.  He had a chance to do the right thing, and he didn't, not until I practically beat him over the head with it. 

That's almost as bad as not doing it at all. 

At least I am saved making a speech about it. 

We called a cab.  It was pretty late for us and I was tired.  Happily a man showed up in a few minutes.  He put the wheelchair away and was very nice, followed directions, etc. 

We went through a Burger King drive-through.   I forgot how the double cheeseburger is very small, and ordered two.  Ron ordered a large fries.  There's a healthy meal. 

They had the food ready quickly and we went home.  I threw away the buns and ate the patties.  I decided it looked big enough for the lithium, at least.  I ate some fruit with it (blackberries and grapes), and took my medication.  I was right, I was OK. 

I took a nap.  Torbie was off-and-on in my bed.  I had a hard time falling asleep and felt very restless.  I finally got up and decided to post. 

I only had one can of Diet Dr Pepper, in addition to my usual Diet Mountain Dew for breakfast.   I wonder if that's what messed me up? 

And there's BISCUIT!  He's purring and rubbing up against me.  I like Biscuit because he is more interactive than the other cats.  He's one of the only cats that will come up to me when I am on the computer, for some petting and lovies.  Now he's lying on the floor behind me. 

Oh, and I started my cycle today.  Happily not in a flood, while moving a vending machine.  Much more subtle and manageable. 

Now I plan to go watch some TV and then clean the litter boxes.  If I love the cats, I have to show it, and not just feeding them. 

If I won the lotto it would be nice to have a maid to come and clean the boxes. 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Wow the vending machines were a chore! I know you will be glad when it it over! Sending huge hugs!

Anonymous said...

There is a "Vegan Counseling Service" near my house I walk past it on my way to a Vietnamese beef noodle soup place LOLOL. Sorry that is kind of silly to laugh it

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