Friday, January 30, 2015


"I threw up in my piss bottle." Ron told me sadly.  "I tried to be quiet so I wouldn't wake you, but I worried about splashing." 

I'm an awful person.  I immediately began laughing so hard I cried, and nearly fell off the curb I was sitting. 

Ron, it seems, at a bad Kolache.  One got me years ago (look up my purgative post).  Something about kolaches with egg in them... not good.  He got the "Denver". 

He was fine until sometime last night, when he began vomiting.  Not wanting to make a mess, he used the nearest thing at hand, the half-full 2 liter bottle of old urine.   He uses it, then dumps it out, and rinses, every day or so. 

"The smell was pretty bad" he continued as I wheezed with laughter "It made me throw up again."  He grinned at me as I sobbed and wheezed, nearly rolling on the ground as I envisioned the horrific scene. 

I begged and begged, please let me put it in the blog.  He pretended to object.  "That's personal.  I bet you're going to do it anyway." 

I told him I'd abide by his wishes, but it'd make such a good post.  He agreed. 

He managed to get to the toilet in time, for the rest of the drama.  Thank you Jesus.  I did sign up for that had it happened.

The flushing woke me up.  Not the vomiting, or, I'm sure, the desperate journey to the toilet (a good reason to live in a small home).  The flushing.  He apologized but I understood.

It's not like he said "Pick out the salmonella kolache, that's the one I want."  He didn't leave it out at room temperature.  He did everything right.

We both agree we are pretty much done eating egg products.  I nearly died from Salmonella back in 2004, the day we bought the house.  I lost 15 pounds in 3 days.  I couldn't even move into my home for two weeks.  My digestion was damaged for years.

All from a freaking scrambled egg.  Ugh.

"If it wasn't truck day" he told me sadly "I'd stay home." 

"Just be glad you're not the one loading the truck!"  He nodded.

We went to the store, got the supplies, and checked out.  My boyfriend the cart attendant found me and we loaded the truck.  We got to work, I unloaded, and got everything stocked.

Things have been pretty slow -that's typical for this time of year.  It is nice not to have a stocking frenzy.

I stocked everything, helped Ron - to his undying appreciation, and even did the accountability readings before we left.

Ron had to go.  He wasn't happy to find they were cleaning the men's room.  "I'm going to have a code brown!"

I'd just used the ladies room.  It was empty.  I took him in and stood guard.  He left everything the way he found it.

Better than the alternative.  We went out and had a good trip home.  It was long, but not bad.

I tried to take a nap but it didn't work out very well.   I heard strange meowing.  I think one of the girl cats objected to me locking the kittens in the bedroom with me. 

However, Ron went to the liquor store and I didn't want to stay up and play kitten patrol (we don't want them outside).  I had to lock them up, and since I was taking a nap I put them in with me. 

I heard the little kids next door, with the dog (I worry the dog doesn't get enough time with the family).  I also heard a terrible thump into the side of the house.  I assume someone flew off the trampoline, into our siding. 

They're the ones who took off the safety netting.  Their middle boy broke his arm on the trampoline a few years ago. 

They went off somewhere and Ron came home.  Once he was in, I let the kittens out.  I did my God Time with Torbie, just like old times.  A kitten came by and she chased him off.  I finished.  Ron and I had fun playing with the kittens. 

I'll be glad when I take my shower tomorrow.  I got the bright idea to try washing my hair with some coconut oil soap.  I got insane lathering, and it was super clean, but now it feels weird and greasy.  The ends are also really dry, too. 

Sigh.  I'm always looking for the super easy long hair care routine.  Especially when I'm depressed.  However, the coconut oil soap ought to be good for shaving my legs. 

Happily, the rest of my personal care routine went as expected.  About done with my cycle, too. 

I take a salt tablet every day or so, when I'm craving it.  It seems to help a lot. 

The other day, I had a driver.  She had a terrible headcold and I was sitting right next to her.  She was clearly miserable. 

I'm praying I don't catch it.  I'm also taking all my remedies and preventives. 

I really want to enjoy my days off, as much as a depressed person can. 


Anonymous said...

I love you but I am a sympathetic vomiter and could not get beyond the "i threw up in my piss bottle" and when read this out loud my cousin said "how did he vomit in a piss bottle" and then we all laughed.

so while I do not envy your experience admire your strength this was a lot to shall we say "swallow" (pun intended ) early in the morning

much love never change ..but Ron is, well protect yourself and prepare for the future because it is not going to get easier and you are a valuable person OOOXXX

Heather Knits said...

Well, to his credit Ron has done all the cleanup on this one, and gone out of his way to minimize any difficulty for me.

I'm not sure how he did it but I'm glad he did. I think I'm going to give him a small 2 gallon bucket with lid for next time.

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