Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I have lived in very bad neighborhoods.  In one, I had to cross the street when I went home everyday because the pit bull kept trying to eat my face.  It was extremely aggressive.  Most alarming, it could "almost" get over the fence. 

We called the landlord and asked him to "do a check, so you don't get sued".  I actually witnessed the landlord park his vehicle, walk over to the fence, and look into the "yard".  The dog came right at him and the guy had to leap back.  They were evicted that day. 

Other times, I'd find a guy with a large, aggressive dog, on my walk.  No leash.  It would act in a very menacing manner, hackles up, growling, and the owner would say "Oh, he won't bite."  Then laugh. 

Yeah, you aren't even here legally.  You have absolutely zero assets.  What do you care if he bites?  I can't sue you.  

These were always terrible neighborhoods; where an aggressive dog is a status symbol.

We bought a house.  Homeowners keep their dog in the yard.  Every now and then I'll see some little yapper that dug his way out, but overall no problems. 

Until yesterday.  I went for a walk around 6 AM.  I had one of my nasty PMS headaches.  I figured a walk was very low impact and safe. 

My back was very cranky last week.  I didn't want to do anything to aggravate it, either. 

I had a good walk for 20 minutes, went all over the subdivision looking for "lost kitten" posters, which of course I didn't find.  I had to look, though.  I walked down to one end of the subdivision, then came back.  I live about halfway. 

I was preparing to keep walking, up to the park, when I heard a very menacing growl.  Pit bulls.  Aggressive ones.  Two. 

Now, I know many pit bulls are wonderful and loving animals.  I don't hate the breed - but when they are in the care and keeping of someone who thinks it is "cool" and "fun" to have an aggressive dog, and makes them that way, they are a thing of horror. 

I did what has worked in my experience: yelled No! in an assertive manner.  I made myself bigger, putting my arms out to the sides and raising my shoulders.  I stood my ground and looked near them, but not at their eyes.  They growled some and came towards me, but I yelled NO again and stomped my foot.  I made myself bigger. 

This may not be "the proper" way to deal, but it has served me well with dozens of loose, aggressive, dogs. 

These stood, watching me for a minute, then left.  I walked home, watching the dogs to make sure they didn't come up behind me.  Happily I was literally 80 feet from home. 

I then had Ron call animal control, who came out immediately.  Lots of small children wait for the schoolbus on corners in the subdivision.  They did not want to end up on the news.


But it got me thinking.

1.  I read a book on improvised weapons.  It strongly suggested carrying a big stick when you walk.
2.  I see tons of people, walking, carrying sticks, around here.
3.  I took it to a message board I respect and they agreed, good idea.

So, I bought a stick.  It's only about $19 with shipping.  I can finish it myself with some of this: Spray finish .  I went through a huge woodstaining phase back in 2006 and feel I know most aspects pretty well.  I'll have fun with it and I can use the leftovers on the gate.

Problem solved.  It should also keep away Bad People.  

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Anonymous said...

I am like you "no bad dogs" I carry a can of pennies and also will toss it hard on the ground and say "GET BACK IN YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW" I have pities and they know what words mean what. they are not brilliant but do NOT want to disappoint people at all so I do make myself assertive like you do and give them direction either "NO" like you do or "GET BACK IN THE HOUSE NOW" I am carrying a $20 stun gun flashlight now too Heather maybe something you should think about. Easy to use, a flashlight and a pretty safe weapon you can rather hit something with it or shock them. I carry mine everywhere. be safe. I era all this crap about walking and belly fat so I am doing at least 20 min a day!

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