Friday, January 9, 2015

I don't want to be the name.

Today was better.  I got up, slept well, no headache. 

I did my workout.  I decided to do some squats first.  Then I did a "speed intervals" DVD workout, and part of the strength intervals.  However, I have trouble with lunges - my bad knee protests.  I adapted and did squats with the stretchy band, which ended up working an unexpected amount of back muscles - I'm feeling it now.  Good trick, I'll remember that.  It didn't seem difficult at the time. 

Then a shower. 

God Time. 

Watched some TV, watched it rain.  We had originally planned to make today Truck Day, buy inventory, take it to work, and stock it. 

Ron is quite adamant: he will not "make" me work in the rain, even if I tell him I don't care.  Even if I remind him Menopause Woman and the Hot Flash would really like some cold rain now and then. 

[shrug]  I don't want him to feel emasculated or terrible.  So we waited until this afternoon. 

We got a burger and came home.  Then we went to work. 

We were pretty busy.  One of my light bulbs burned out in a snack machine.  I was busy stocking, filling change banks, assisting Ron, and organizing our corner of the stockroom. 

Pretty soon, time to go.  We had a good ride home.  "The driver really liked you" Ron remarked. 

Well, that's nice.  I would rather the driver find me a pleasant passenger than an unpleasant nightmare. 

One time I saw a driver get an "extra trip" in her computer.  She opened it, read the name, and cursed.  She explained, a really bad attitude, BO, and overuse of cologne on top.  Ugh. 

I don't want to be the name that provokes a curse. 

I didn't take my afternoon medication at lunch, as I normally would, because we hadn't gone to work.  I have a hard time thinking most days after pill time. 

When I got home I had to figure out what I wanted.  I wanted something warm.  I had some more of those horrible esophageal spasms today after drinking/eating cold things.  I did not want to get an attack like I did last night. 

So, I made oatmeal.  Since I have been around so many actively sick people, I also put some whey powder in a large glass of milk.  I had that - and it worked fine for my purposes.  I figure I need all the protein I can get. 

I ate first, THEN took my pills.  Ha.  No drama with the spasms, either. 

Ron was very appreciative all day. 

Tomorrow, we have Truck Day.  Good.  We need inventory. 

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Anonymous said...

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