Sunday, January 25, 2015

None of my business

Yesterday morning, I head the puppy whining and yelping around 3  AM.  "I thought we were past this", I thought irritably, as I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I got ready for work - truck day, and made sure I had my "spiffy" neon green back brace with matching suspenders. 

As I left the house, I realized the "Mom" mobile was gone next door.  Ah, they must have left early.  Why does a Mom leave the house at 3 AM?  Either she, or the baby is sick.  Flu is EVERYWHERE, and you may recall me mentioning she looked pretty rough the other day. 

I put up a prayer request, because God does want us to pray for everyone in need, especially those (we feel) aggravate us.  Done.  I also prayed some after I went to bed. 

The vehicle is back today, so I guess they are alright.  I just pray whoever it is recover from whatever it is, quickly. 

I did have a question for a driver yesterday.  "Everytime the kids next door go out to play, one of the little ones always gets hurt and cries for 10 minutes or so.  Is that normal?" 

She said, she thought so, especially if the big kids were playing rough.  I do know this, in my childhood I never came in crying and injured, playing with my older (step) siblings.  I'd get my bumps and scrapes at school (one bully liked to push me down on the asphalt).  Never, to my recollection, while playing with "the sibs".   The worst thing they'd do is "ditch" me, run off and hide so I couldn't pester them. 

Huh.  Opinions?  And yes, it's none of my damned business. 

I did find it sad, while the kids were playing "outside", they were on the trampoline.  The dog was left to run around on the ground as the kids played on the bouncer.  I don't see a lot of kid & dog interaction, which is really sad for a family with 6 kids. 

[sigh]  I do wonder what will happen this year, with the dog. 

So we went to the warehouse.  I got Ron's stuff, and mine. 

We got the stuff loaded, went to work, unload.  The guys (Ron and our driver) were cold.  I get very warm when I am active, thanks to menopause/Wellbutrin so I loved it.  I unloaded onto 2 handcarts and a long folding handcart. 

We went into work, and stocked it.  The bottled vendor was naughty but I fixed it - I had to remove the coin mechanism assembly, turn it upside down, and whack it, to get out some jammed coins.  It worked, I pray.  I hope it worked.   I pray a lot over vending machines. 

When we left, everything looked good.  We came home.  The kids were making a huge uproar next door, but it's a nice day and at least one parent was gone (they had a babysitter). 

Ron had scheduled a "date night" at Carl's Jr.  I accepted.  We had a nice date.  He felt the Teriyaki Chicken, while "good", wasn't something he'd order again.  He remarked the BBQ chicken was better.  "Remember" I told him "You last ate that 23 years ago" - it's just about 23 years since we met. 

I had my favorite Western Bacon Cheeseburger.  In fact, 22 years ago I had a terrible kidney infection.  Fever of 104.  A week in the hospital horribly queasy and vomiting, on IV antibiotics. 

The minute I was released, my appetite regained, I had the cab go through the Carl's Jr drive through and got a double Western. 

We had a good time, just the right amount, and a good ride home.  It was pretty quiet.  I basically went to bed early after doing cat care stuff. 

With 4 cats, I have to clean that litter every day.  I have 4 boxes.  If I could figure out where to put another, I would.  They seem OK though. 

The boys were cute and cuddly.  They make a lot of noise when they play so Ron can hear them, he loves it.  They were raising hell in the bathtub this morning. 

Gravy had an abscess by his tail, so Ron can feel the scar, and tell them apart.  If someone wants a cuddle, though, I just give it to them.  I don't have to know who's who every second of the day.  It's a baby.

Gravy has a white and gray tail.  Biscuit's is solid gray.  

I called Mom and Dad, went to bed. 

I slept pretty well.  I won't get enough sleep tonight, as we have to get up very early tomorrow.  If it were truly miserable weather, I could probably manage, but people will be up, active, and making noise on a nice weekend day.  I'm surprised it's so quiet now. 

We do have a trip to Home Depot.  I want some seeds, and some polyurethane spray for my walking stick (hasn't arrived yet). 

I'm glad I ordered the walking stick.  The health department is reporting a stray lab mix (dog) tested positive for rabies. 

Some of my seeds arrived yesterday and went in the fridge.  Heat, light, and moisture will kill seeds, that's why it's important to buy them the minute you can.  Don't buy them off a rack that's been sitting outside in the garden center, in full sun. 

I know I want to grow some pole beans and a collard this year.  One collard provides more than enough greenery for me, I pick off bottom leaves only, which allows the plant to keep growing.  It takes them a couple of years in our climate, before they'll go to seed.  "Georgia" has been very productive for me. 

For pole beans, a "Rattlesnake" - did great, years ago; and "Kentucky Blue" - a new hybrid of two old favorites that has everyone raving.  I can manage a collard and pole beans, especially since I have a yard guy. 

I might throw a kale in there, too.  I like the red kale.  It is very rugged - that one got over 5 feet tall, completely neglected, in a drought, and lived for several years. 

Imagine what it'd do with proper care. 

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