Friday, January 16, 2015

43 cases - I have tweezers

10 minutes ago found me standing in shock, an earplug cord in my hand, one earplug firmly lodged in my ear.  I couldn't believe it, after the last couple days, I just wanted to try on my earplugs, and the removal cord comes out in my hand? 

I had a brief moment of panic.  How would I get the thing out?  I felt it.  In pretty deep, as suggested.  Ron, hate to say it, useless.  In addition to a bad hand he's blind and already had a beer so - no. 

God reminded me - I have tweezers.  I dug them out of my first aid kit (which I keep in a plastic toolbox).  I took a deep breath.  Inserted the tweezers.  Felt around for the best grip, one above, one below, started to pull - and it's out. 

Last night was pretty awful, the night before even worse.  Totally sleep deprived both nights.  Once due to "drunk", once due to puppy. 

I ended up sleeping on my pull out in the computer room.  Have I mentioned it is profoundly uncomfortable?  Not only that, it's not so easy for a middle aged fat lady to basically get up off the floor to pee.  Again.  [snort] 

Happily, my cat did camp out next to my head, available for lots of petting and cuddles.  She always knows when I truly need her.  

As advised, I did call the police with a noise complaint.  They came out, I don't know if they got the neighbors to put up the dog.  I do know 2 people, at different time periods last night, tried to open my gate, which is blocked shut.  I was very glad I had done such a "paranoid" thing (per Ron). 

It's enough to make me think about getting my own dog.  I assume the police got it one time, and a neighbor got it another time, trying to "find the noise". 

I woke up exhausted, but still did my shower and God Time.  I have really been neglecting my God Time, which leaves me vulnerable, I feel. 

I was glad I was already prayed up when I left the house, heard yelping nearby, and turned to find a cute golden retriever puppy - NEXT DOOR.  This is right on my bedroom wall - this has been my ongoing worst nightmare - #6 gets a dog. 

I also felt like a real jackass for blaming #8.  They are blameless.  Ron called the HOA and they said they hadn't mailed the letters. 

Oh.  However, now all my options have dissolved.  They only have the one animal.  They are allowed 2.  Not only that, they own.  I can't tattle to the landlord (one of my techniques, because most landlords don't want the liability or property damage issues).  I looked into the big brown eyes, so adorable, as the dog whined pitifully for attention. 

Oh, I thought.  I hope we don't have problems.  They have never had a dog, so I assume they might get tired of it; dogs requiring a lot of work.  They already have 6 kids.  The kids can wear it out playing, some, but I don't envision them doing a lot of dog care chores. 

Sigh.  On the positive side, it is a Golden.  It's certainly not going to be vicious, or eat my cats. 

I imagine Baby Girl (Ron's cat) is thrilled.  She loves dogs. 

We went to the warehouse.  I got 43 cases, 31 of which were drinks.  Heavy.  I could barely push the cart and I like to think I'm pretty strong.  If I had to, I can pick Ron up off the floor, etc. My back was already unhappy (not structural, just muscular - my lats) from sleeping on the floor, etc. 

I went outside to wait on our friend, who was an hour late.  He and Ron had some confusion on Tuesday and I think this is related - the guy had gone to "meet us" Tuesday, but we weren't there, so he made us wait today. 

I was glad I brought my folding chair.  I asked the cart attendant to bring it to me.  Actually I said "Sweetie, can I have a huge favor?"  Big brown eyes "Could you please bring me that folding chair by my husband?  My feet are killing me!"  He was happy to do it, but Ron didn't understand and thought the chair had been stolen.  My cell phone erupted right as the guy came out with my chair. 

We had a good laugh over the "stolen" chair.  That sorted, I had a pretty short wait before the truck arrived. 

We got the truck loaded.  Now, if I made a habit of tipping, I wouldn't say so, would I?  It might get someone fired.  However, I'd like to think I'd be the person who did that.  I hope everyone who required a lot of help loading, would tip. 

We got to work.  I had a horrendous time unloading 31 cases of very heavy drinks.  I ran out of cart space and had to put it on my folding handcart, which then got stuck in the security door. 

I just had a really special day!  [laugh] 

I ate another protein bar - I had one for breakfast.  I've read it's a good idea to eat protein after "lifting" and God knows I was working my muscles.  I got everything stocked.  The repairman came out to fix the "broken" machine, only to show me the broken pin on the light bulb.  Agh. 

Happily Ron had "done something stupid" that morning so I didn't get The Lecture.

 By now I'm just ready to give up.  However, I persevered and did all my work, helped Ron with his.  Ron was very appreciative of my assistance (mainly putting several heavy cases of bottled drinks into the fridge).  I was just glad to Be Done.

We went outside to wait on our ride, which was over an hour late.  Then she drove past 3 times before figuring out the man in the wheelchair, next to the woman waving, might just be her client.  AH!

We were still nice to her.  She was at the end of a very long day, it turns out, and I could certainly relate.

We went home.  I ate a couple hot dogs and took my meds.  I needed them, boy did I ever.  Not done though.  Ron wanted to go to Walmart.  We got to the Walmart.  I made my deposit.  About half an hour later, the bank was robbed.  Good thing my deposit is in the system, because the cash is likely in some thug's pocket!

I couldn't make this up if I tried.  I did find a "Kiddie Cart" (the cart with a seat on the back for Ron, hooked onto a standard shopping cart, propelled by Heatherpower).

We didn't spend much money.   Cleaning products, a cat toy (Baby Girl loves it, Torbie doesn't hate it), cat treats, salty snacks for Ron (I have my salt tablets now), milk, yogurt, cottage cheese for me, some deli meat, Ron wanted hot deli food, etc. 

We paid up (a nice new cashier, I thanked him in Chinese) and went outside to wait.  As I told Ron later, our driver "Is one of those very rigid guys where things have to be done his way, he can't adapt to other ways of thinking".  He got very angry when I told him I would "Blow out my knee" if I tried to carry the groceries up the stairs of the van (a very steep journey). 

I don't get angry with Ron's limits, I work around them.  Besides, I loaded and unloaded all my stuff through the emergency exit "back door" of the van.  No other driver has a problem with that. 

Anyway [rolleyes] I was pretty happy to see the last of him.  I could never have a relationship with someone like that. 

For all his flaws, Ron is adaptable.  He's had to be. 

Having arrived home, I had the bright idea to compare my earplugs to see which one I liked better, and of course the one got stuck. 

It's just been that kind of day! 

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