Friday, January 2, 2015


I had today off.  I woke up in the middle of the night, desperately nauseous.  I went after my spearmints and went back to sleep. 

I woke up, later, with a pretty nasty headache.   I slept in all the way until - 8!   My adoptive Mom used to call me "Earlybird".  I guess I'm still living up to that. 

I took some Excedrin and laid down for a little while.  Torbie was lying in bed with me.  She's so sweet. 

She is currently curled up with Ron in the man cave. 

I got up, took my shower, and did my God Time.  I am having a rare, normal mood.  Some energy but not manic. 

I did some 'netting for a while, then Ron and I went out for coffee.  I looked around the shopping center, but didn't get much. 

We went home.  We had one of our usual drivers, I call him Mr Politics.  Don't get him started on politics.  He has a typical left bent.  I find it tiresome, so I just have a no politics rule period. 

No one I've seen has ever converted their viewpoint after arguing.  Both parties walk away maintaining their original view. 

He kept grinning at us, in the backseat.  "You two are made for each other" he said.  I thought that was cute. 

When things are good, they're awesome.  I enjoy the simple things in life, quality time, a little appreciation, etc.  Happily I am getting it right now. 

Ron woke up and is singing along with "Lost in Love". 

We have to work a little tomorrow but not long. 

Oh, and I tried on my new bras (I got 4).  They are all very comfortable, including, to my surprise, the $5 Walmart brand.  I have a great sports bra for Truck Days. 

When we got home I took a short nap and cooked Ron some beans.  He loves pintos with sausage. 

I just need to freeze most, and leave one in the fridge.  That, and finish laundry. 

Thank God for my washer and dryer. 

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