Sunday, January 18, 2015

See them safe

Last night Ron asked me to keep the kittens in my room, as I slept, with the door shut.  I did. 

They were very well behaved.  I heard a lot of munching noises throughout the night, then litter box, jump in the bed and cuddle... a while later I'd wake up to munching noises. 

Poor little guys. 

After gorging themselves all night, they weighed 2 pounds this morning.  I was down another half a pound. 

The kittens were great cuddle partners, I slept pretty well (except for my back yelling at me, and some gas cramps); unlike Torbie, the kittens sleep off to the side, not on top of me. 

I did wake up with a nasty headache.  It's one of those "my mouth tastes like onions" headaches.  We had a trip planned to Walmart. 

I took a shower, and talked with Ron about the cats.  He says he would like to keep them.  Good.  We can get them fixed for $30 each at the county shelter.  Male surgery is a lot easier, they just open the sac, yank, and snip. 

They use the box, are sweet, I've got no problem keeping them.  My only desire is to see them safe.

I thought about staying home but #6 was out in force; it's a nice day and every child was yelling and screaming in the yard.  That's what kids do.  I hope not everyone is like me.  I would make a really good hermit out on 50 acres. 

It's a nice day, cabin fever, they went for quite a while.  Might as well go to Walmart.

I got everything I needed, except one (ear mite medicine for poor old Biscuits, he is scratching himself bloody like Frosty, when I found him).  That's another reason I'm sure they're strays and not pets - horrid case of earmites on Biscuits.  Gravy is food aggressive.

Why those names?  Well, for some unknown reason, Ron told me the cat with the white and gray tail was "Gravy".  That was his name.  Ron was adamant (poor Gravy has an abrasion on his tail, from the kicking).

I can live with Gravy.  But, to me, that meant the other one HAD to be Biscuits.  Biscuits and Gravy.

They don't care what I call them.  They're sacked out on the couch after a day full of food and play. 

"We may not be the best" I told Ron "But we're better than what they had; kind of like after your accident.  I know I wasn't the best option, but I was the only one." 

Hell of a lot better than starving, being beaten, or run over on a very busy street. 

They do need some appropriate food, if we're keeping them.  I got some canned food, more litter (the 38 pound "Cat lady" size), toys, and a folding carrier.  I put treats in the carrier so the boys can get used to it. 

They will need their operation in a few months. 

Ron wanted some headphones and snack food.  Since I had the headache, I didn't get much. 

We came home.  I wanted a nap, neighbors still at it.  Bad headache, even with the tablets. 

I pulled out the computer room sofa (much to the kittens' delight), and laid down for a while.  Gravy joined me. 

I ran a few loads of laundry, watching TV. 

We have to work tomorrow but not long.  Then off to the pet store for ear mite drops - poor guy is miserable - and maybe a coffee. 

I hope I can lose the headache. 

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Anonymous said...

I hope you keep them and can not wait to see pictures. What a nice thing it would be to have them safe with you

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