Saturday, January 10, 2015

63 cases

Highlight of the day: standing outside in the rain, in 37 degree weather (that's F, not C), waving at the paratransit vehicle as he went up and down, up and down the street.

He finally figures it out half an hour later (I'll refer you back to standing outside in 37 degrees in the rain), and immediately presents with an attitude!

I, very politely said "I don't want to talk about it. After all, *I* am the one who had to stand outside in the rain for half an hour, watching you up and down the street as I waved at you"  He started to talk, I interrupted.  "No other driver has this trouble finding us.  I know you saw me waving."  He was quiet.  I know he saw me rubbing my hands, trying to warm them up. 

We have detailed notes in the computer. We have PHONE NUMBERS listed, in the computer. [sigh] But he was clearly playing games and TRYING to get us upset so we didn't let him. I called my aunt and jabbered at her all the way home.

Take that!

I got up early, truck day.  My skin was really dry and tight so I didn't shower.

I did my God Time and had a small breakfast.  Then I decided to weigh myself.  I am down 20 pounds from last summer!  After breakfast!


Even Ron was impressed.  I've only, recently, been actually trying to get healthier, too.

The stretchy band squats about killed me.  My squat muscles are very painful, and parts of my upper back (lats and traps).

I won't do a stretchy band workout the day before Truck Day.   Ugh. 

We got to the warehouse.  We both needed a lot of inventory, it totaled 63 cases.  We barely squished it all in the truck bed. 

I had my back brace, thank God. 

I realized, it's easy to figure out my weight loss, as I pushed the loaded carts into the building.  One, I'm building more muscle.  Two, I am burning more energy. 

I got 95% of it stocked.  I didn't get to do all the pastry, but we will be back very early Monday morning.  I spent some time helping Ron; he was very appreciative. 

I don't mind "extra help", as long as I feel my efforts are valued.  He is getting a lot better about that. 

My only gripe about that; I wish he did it as much at home, as he does at work! 

Finally, after a long day, my highly dramatic, frozen, pickup.  We got home.  I made a hot drink and prepared to go to Walmart. 

I needed to get my meds.  We arrived, I got my medication, and did my personal shopping.  I need a FS-25 florescent starter.  Shockingly, it's the one thing they didn't have.  I'm sure I can get a few at a hardware store. 

Ron wanted some beans, chips, and cat treats. 

I got myself a new sports bra.  I had to take the others back.  They didn't work.  This is purple!  It also has a front zipper; fine for home workouts.  It looks comfy. 

I want to make workouts fun.  I have noticed a definite improvement in my depression when I work out. 

That's enough right there, even if I wasn't losing weight. 

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