Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bullets are cheaper than fireworks

Baby Girl has a hero. 

She's the small, spotted, brown tabby in the photos.  She is Daddy's Girl.  Let me see if I can find a post. 
 First Post
A photo, too.

How do I word this? 

It sounded like the Zombie Apocalypse last night.  The noise was horrific.  Fireworks, and plenty of guns as well.  Apparently, bullets are cheaper than fireworks. 

Ron and I agreed we absolutely heard some kind of automatic weapon, very nearby.  It was not #2, 6, or 7, so don't go robbing them.  :p 

We also heard 2 different handguns (the noise coming from different homes).  Alarming. 

We heard other weapons also, just not as close. 

That kind of put paid to my idea of possibly sharing food after a disaster.  If they have that kind of arsenal, and they know I have food... well, I'm not that medicated. 

I was pretty alarmed. 

Ron was rather alarmed "We're turning into the ghetto".  I never realized how many of our neighbors owned so many guns. 

However, in a civil unrest event, I'm sure the gun toters could establish a perimeter and keep the bad guys out of our subdivision.  That's good to know. 

So, it was very loud, and disturbing, even to humans. 

Poor Baby Girl, near midnight, had had enough.  Torbie had climbed into a box I set near my feet, and hidden in the back of it, out of sight. 

Ron was sitting on his walker, in the kitchen.  Baby Girl slunk over to him and hid under his walker, cringing, her back to the corner, facing outward.  It was adorable. 

She stayed there, hiding literally under Ron's protection, for over a half hour.  When things slowed down, I opened the cat door and she went out. 

Unfortunately they weren't done yet.  I should have waited until 1. 

But they were OK.  Torbie slept with me last night, and I slept in until well after 9. 

Ron and I've decided, due to weather, we should work tomorrow and take Saturday off (Saturday looks to be horrific cold severe thunderstorms).  Our guy with a truck called, the truck is better. 

We didn't pester him, nag, or have fits of anxiety.  "It's time to remind him" I told Ron "He needs the truck a lot more than we do."  It worked. 

I just worry he will look to us, to pay for the repairs, everytime it breaks down or needs maintenance.  We can't afford that.   We are only doing 10 miles a week.  20 if things are "crazy" which they won't be, for a while. 

So, yesterday was a long day: we went to the warehouse.  We went to work.  We went to the bank.  I got paid, yay.  We went to Walmart.  I got some new bras.  Yay. 

I didn't try them on but they're my size and in styles that have worked in the past.  I have the receipt if they don't work.  One looks incredibly comfortable for truck day. 

I also got some snack foods, things for Ron, cat treats.  Labels for work, some canned vegetables (I'm thinking that might be a good snack), and a nice pocket T-shirt.  It's a teal, 100% cotton. 

I wear my keys around my neck.  I need a pocket, so I can stow them. 

We came home.  I took a nap.  I put everything away.  Ron slept until around 11 PM and then we ran in the new year with Baby Girl hiding under his walker.  He felt her, "Awww, poor thing!  She's so cute!" 

I love seeing her love him.  I love seeing her unfailing trust in him.  It's a precious gift. 

Torbie is a little more worldly, after all, her first family dumped her at the high-kill shelter.  But she loves me and trusts me to protect and provide for her needs. 

She does carry on, when I'm dosing her, though. 

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Anonymous said...

my poor dog was unnerved with the fireworks :(

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