Thursday, January 22, 2015


Well, the cats are going great.  The kittens raised all sorts of hell while we went to work.  I came home to find my pill organizer on the floor, pills everywhere.  The kittens seem fine so I don't think they ate any. 

I slept pretty well, one "bark attack" next door last night, for a while.  "I think" I told Ron "The dog gets excited when he sees the humans awake, and starts barking".  None of the other neighborhood dogs bark at the same time, so, to me, it's a personal issue.  Overall it is very quiet.  It's a friendly breed. 

#6 (the man) stayed home today and had another car over while his wife ran errands.  The dog was very quiet, so I was happy. 

I slept in, until about 8.  I did my God Time and opted against a workout.  I have played around the edges of a headache all day. 

Ron's cat came back in the house, and has been supervising kitten play.  She isn't acting fearful, or aggressive, anymore.  My cat actually lay down on the couch with the kittens.  She'd hiss if they touched her, but she was sniffing them (Ron's cat is also sniffing).  Very promising. 

The food aggression (growling at nearby cats while eating) has also abated.  Good. 

Even better, we went to work, and got the vending machine fixed!  The repairman came by anyway to check my work (I always welcome a second opinion).  He made a minor adjustment.  I saw several people getting their bottled sodas tonight so I'm happy.  My other machines looked fine, but I loaded the cold food machine. 

I figure with lousy, cold, weather, we might get a little more business.

One guy came up to us and asked us, point blank, why we "work those hours when you don't have to.  Why don't you just work mornings only?" 

"You're here!" I told him.  He grinned. 

The way I see it, and I love this about Ron, he agrees: if my business is open 24/7, if my customers are there 24/7, on three shifts, I need to be there for all of them.  I don't need to work 24 hours a day.  But I need to work varying times of day to ensure I am serving everyone. 

The customers really appreciate it. 

And, overall, they're really a fun bunch. 

I was glad we handled all that.

Our ride home was horrific.  1.  The driver played head games.  If you told her to turn left, she'd go straight, and then get an attitude at you for "giving bad directions" or "Why didn't you tell me?"  2.  She kept promulgating cult doctrine.  Ick.  3.  She got very confused, very easily, and wouldn't let it go, working herself into hysterias then going back to the head games.  4.  Massive attitude, about EVERYTHING.  5.  She also made some nasty, envious, remarks when she saw our house.  We have a very modest home.  It's a nice neighborhood, but a very modest home. 

She rode us around for over and hour and 40 minutes, for a trip that ought to have taken a half hour. 

It was exhausting.  Ron began getting queasy from her driving style - very lurchy - sudden swerves to the left and right, and histrionics while driving. 

Ron told her he was queasy and she suddenly became a lot more professional, getting us home in 10 minutes.  That's really frustrating. 

Some, a very small percentage, of drivers decide to abuse what little "power" they have, forcing the clients to endure pointlessly long trips, tirades, dramatics, head games, verbal abuse, etc.  They never last. 

Ron and I recently found out we can call and make a request, not to get the driver again.  We did so.

So, I got home and now it's practically bedtime.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  I will tell you more as it happens.  

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Anonymous said...

the kittens are such a joy in your life I am so glad you have semi adopted them :) do they have a low income neuter program in your area? we have what they call a "Cinderella program". I can not wait to hear and see the further antics of your kitties

I am getting close to adopting another dog and like you, they come to us we do not come to them but I do start kind of "looking" when I am ready. it is just so sad and there are so many. Breaks my heart we can only have two. But that is our limit.

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