Monday, January 19, 2015

Spread it

This morning, I looked at our paratransit driver, and the folded wheelchair.  "Uh, I don't know how to say this" I told her "But you need to spread it."  She began laughing hysterically.

I didn't sleep well but I was OK with it (a recent development).  The neighbor's dog was barking and yelping right outside my bedroom, but, as I reminded myself, right outside their bedroom.  They have a 1-story.  The husband works 12 hour days.   They have a newborn!  That's got to be awful. 

It's small and cute right now - I doubt they will find it as interesting when it starts tearing up the yard, especially if it keeps barking all night, too.

I also thought it was really sad, as I laid my hand on my two little rescue kittens.  They were warm and cozy on a soft wool blanket.  One kept nursing on a stuffed animal.  They had an abundance of food, treats, toys, and petting.  They even have other cats to keep them company.  These are throwaway "alley" cats.

Contrast the other side of the wall; a lonely purebed puppy left alone in the cold, neglected (they feed him but that's about it, no "social" except a little playtime with the kids now and then - and they seem a lot more into their trampoline), and sad.  While my guys couldn't be happier.

It just goes to show, it isn't always the animal, but the human tending it.  

I woke up with a headache, but was quite pleased with my remedy.  I had a 17 ounce Diet Mountain Dew and two aspirin tablets.  It works very effectively and I didn't need to take anything else.

My pharmacist told me aspirin is the best choice for me, taking my cocktail.  I may take some tonight as a prophylactic (wow spelled right on the first shot!), so I don't wake up with one tomorrow.

We went to work.  It was pretty slow, of course, being a holiday, but we had a delivery. We got that all done, came home. 

I went to do my God Time, then remembered I had, already.  The kittens had a can of cat food (I plan to free feed dry grain free kitten food and supplement with canned).  I hung out for a little bit and we went to the pet store. 

[sigh]  Well, that wasn't cheap.  The kitten food was on sale, $17 for 5 pounds, but it's grain free, very nourishing, and very filling.  I got some toys, canned food, and an incline scratcher. 

I came home, fed the dry food, and opened the scratcher.  The kittens demolished the toy inside while I napped.  When I got up, I made it better. 

I had a good nap. 

Ahhh... you shouldn't have asked for photos. 

 Two brothers. 

About an hour after I brought them home. 

Biscuit likes Ron, and his treats. 

Biscuit is mostly white with maybe 20% gray, shorthair, with changing eyes.  They'll either be brown or green.  He has cute little pink paws, pink nose, white whiskers. 

Gravy seems to like me a little better.  He is a tad food aggressive but easy to put a few bowls down and keep everyone happy.  If I had been starving out in the woods I'd be food aggressive too.  He gets a little growly if another cat approaches while he's eating. 

Gravy has a gray and white tail, same eyes, nose, and whiskers.  He has a little more white on him, too. 

Torbie, my older cat, is pretty used to them.  I thought she'd have the most trouble.  Baby Girl "Ron's Cat" has been more petulant and timid, but is also coming around. 

Treats all around - a great equalizer.  We all like treats, lets build on that. 

The kittens make great sleep partners, "letting" me sleep.  They do walk around some, and I hear them eating, but I don't mind.  They're good boys. 

They are also *completely awesome* as regards the litter box.  Good boys!  

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god i love the names! This was a good thing and i am so glad you kept them! Looking forward to the adventures ahead.,

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