Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turn off

I have had a really tough week. 

Everything just seems so hard.  I know that's the depression.  But it's still all so hard. 

Let me tell you about last night.  I went to bed early.  I awoke about 2 hours later, my stomach on fire. 

[personal gripe, people who refer to anything located in their abdomen as "my stomach".  No, it's your abdomen.  This, however, was truly in my stomach, right under the left rib cage.]

I had burning, sloshing, an overall lava feeling.  It was truly awful.  I couldn't sleep. 

I drank some water.  Great.  Now I had more burning.  I fumbled around looking for my Pepto.  I finally found it, not the big bottle, unfortunately.  I couldn't find an antacid to save my life. 

Over the course of the night, I basically drank the whole Pepto (it was a smaller sized bottle).  I finally got about 4 hours straight sleep, around 5-9 AM.  Then I was up. 

I don't know about other people, but sleep deprivation aggravates any existing mood.  I have been horribly depressed all day. 

It took me hours to get up the energy for a shower.  I keep brooding about things at work.  Stupid things. 

However, I don't want my gripe list printed up and waved around.  It's mostly the depression talking anyway. 

I am not giving anyone rope to hang me.  Every job has annoyances. 

I haven't done my God Time yet but I plan to after taking a nap.  I did watch some episodes of "Supernatural" I hadn't seen before. 

Ron's been drinking "I just want to turn off for a while".  [sigh]  You can't live your life in withdrawal. 

But he is sleeping. 

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