Monday, January 26, 2015

Pencil in some fun

I feel rich.  I got cuddles from both Torbie (my old lady) and Gravy (little boy) today.  As I held Gravy, I said "Look at your fat little tummy!"  Ron objected, I explained, for a cat starving a week ago, a fat little tummy is a very good thing. 

The boys have been great.  They are settling in wonderfully.  We just need to get them fixed.  I gave them their Advantage too. 

The Girls got their worm medicine (Baby Girl had tapeworms), and the vet wanted me to wait a few days before the Advantage for them - which I'll do tomorrow. 

The boys like to walk on my keyboard - that's the worst problem I've got.  They are keeping the 2 commandments: No biting.  No pissing. 

I scoop the boxes daily and keep it all fresh. 

The boys are indoors and I hope remain so.  I want them to get some street smarts before they venture outside. 

One of my drivers was having a tough time.  She brought us home.  Gravy got out when I opened the door so I brought him over (I know she likes cats).  She had a fun time petting him for a minute. 

Biscuit and Gravy like being held for short periods.  I am always careful to put them down before they struggle, so it's fun for them.  They are happy to be held and purr loudly. 

They are very bonded - I have never seen two animals with a tighter bond, and love to chase each other all over the house.  I approve, they're not bothering the Girls. 

I tend to get a little weird about the neighbors, and noise.  Last night I got a lot weird because it was actually quiet when I needed to sleep.  I slept pretty well. 

I got up at 3 AM and went to work.  We got our delivery.  The delivery guy was really nice.  I stocked, we didn't need much but sales are good.  I also helped Ron with his stuff. 

Wherever I am, "helping Ron" is part of it. 

We had the right amount of time to do everything without sitting around.  We had a good ride home. 

I had to help Ron with accounting stuff for a while (and just a while ago).  Then I got a nice nap.  I figured, sleep as late as I can, which I did.  It was about 3 hours.  Not bad considering I only got about 6 hours sleep the night before. 

I got up, moderately depressed... ate some pudding.  I forgot to mention Biscuit is very pushy when it comes to people food.  He loves any kind of dairy. 

I kept pushing him away, then I let him have the traces of pudding in the container.  I took my medication and watched a little TV.  Organized a little.  Sat down, ended up with Torbie in my lap for an hour and a half.  That was awesome. 

I got pretty stiff about the time she moved.  She's a very perceptive cat. 

Pudding and lithium are a bad duo.  I got pretty queasy.  When Torbie left I drank some Pepto.  

Gravy thought the lap looked fun, so I got some attention from him, too.  I also watched them curled up together on the couch as I had Torbie in my lap, 18 inches away. 

I don't want a lot of cats.  God knows I don't want any more.  I do have a family, though. 

Still tired; still depressed.  The two, of course, are related. 

I'll try to pencil in some "fun" tomorrow. 

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