Sunday, February 1, 2015

Four is enough

Ron's doing better since he started taking the Pepto.  He didn't believe it would help. 

Trust me, I told him, with all my lithium, et al, digestive upsets, it works.  Once he took it he stopped staggering to the bathroom. 

He is also being smart about hydration. 

He didn't want to go anywhere this weekend, understandably "I want to be close to a toilet", and he's been sleeping a lot. 

So, Ron's on the mend.  Tomorrow won't be much fun for him, work and then the dentist.  It won't be cheap but it will be worse if he doesn't, and I don't want them to start pulling. 

Once, about 13 years ago, Ron had to have a back molar pulled because he couldn't afford a root canal.  At least, that's what they said he needed.  They kept trying to push a high-interest credit plan, we said no. 

That experience ranks on the top 5 worst days of my married life. 

I'm careful with my teeth and it seems to pay off. 

Yesterday I woke up, horrible headache and depressed.  I did my God Time, shower, and looked outside.  It was supposed to rain.  It was sunny.  I checked the weather and found out we wouldn't have rain for a while (It's 2 PM on Sunday and still no rain).  I figured it would be a good idea to go out and do anything. 

I got dressed and prepared to leave.  The kittens were fascinated by something outside a window.  I looked and found a long haired smoke point cat.  It howled at me, wanting to live with me too, apparently.  I told it no.  It stayed for several hours.  Torbie finally ran it off. 

Four cats are enough, you know?  I don't want to be overrun.

I called my aunt and chatted as I walked to the bus stop.  I like my new phone, although I am having difficulty transferring files from the phone to my computer.  It basically says the path doesn't exist.  The only files I can find are drivers, which I installed, but still nothing.

I even set up Windows to show the hidden, attribute, read-only, and system files.  Nothing.

I remind myself, in the big scheme, this is not a major issue.

I had to wait half an hour (good thing I had a nice long phone call).  The bus stop has some odd memories for me.  It's where I was mugged.  It's where I found the kittens a couple weeks ago.  Hard to believe it's only been a few weeks.  Lots of Bible Handout memories, trying to wrangle my hand cart onto the bus (we only have a partial sidewalk).  Some, spontaneous, dates with Ron.

I boarded, sat down, and rode to a big intersection.  I am constantly amazed, they are changing the route and none of the drivers seems to know a thing.  I just looked online and found the map.  If I were a bus driver, I'd want to know.  In fact, during the remodel, I was "bad" because I was always sticking my head in the cafeteria and looking around. 

If you care:  New bus map for Houston

My part of the map went blue - every 30 minutes.  It used to run more often, but I am not a daily rider, either.  I can still take the bus to shop, run errands, or do Bible Handouts - and one bus at that.  If I want to get to the "main drag", it's gone from 3 buses to 2.  Everything I take is running pretty much where it used to go.

Anyway, I ask the drivers and they all say "I dunno" and scratch their heads.  Kind of sad.  Maybe I'm just that nosy, or they don't really care where they drive.

I got off the bus, planning to transfer, and realized it had gotten appreciably cooler.  Not only that, it was cloudier.  Hm.  Maybe I'd better pare my trip to beat the rain. 

I opted to go to McDonald's.  As far as I was concerned, getting out at all, with this depression, was a triumph.  It was very busy and distracting, which I guess was a good thing. 

I considered running to another store (I had brought a small amount of money, but I am careful since the mugging), but looked at the sky.  Hm. 

I went home.  I didn't buy Ron any food, which was a good thing. 

I got home, took my meds, and got a short nap.  Ron woke up and begged for a remedy.  I told him I had pepto, which is good for the whole system route.  He didn't believe me.  I told him I had pepto, I didn't have the other thing.  He could take the pepto now and see if it worked, or he could wait over an hour for me to go out, again, and buy his other remedy. 

He tried the Pepto, which of course worked.  He gets to keep that bottle (I buy a lot of pepto for my own needs - my meds are very harsh on the digestion).  I have another bottle for myself. 

He went back to bed and slept a while.  I got online, mildly manic.  I had a wish list of seeds.  I like Pinetree garden seeds and planned to get the seeds anyway, sometime.  They ran a Facebook special so I went ahead and got them (sorry, it expired, 10% off).  I got some fun things like Tromboccino summer squash (which is apparently OK for Houston). 

I like having options, and now that I have a yard guy I have some energy to invest in a small veggie garden.  I would like to grow a "Wild Cherry" tomato, some pole beans, a collard/kale (one provides plenty of leaves since I pick the leaves from the bottom up), and the vining summer squash.  I think I could manage that, even depressed. 

I will need to get a lot of mulch to smother the garden beds, first.  A lot of weed seeds!  What I plan to do is buy bags of compost, spread a compost on each bed, then 2 bags of mulch on top.  That should be a good start.  I can dig holes through the top to plant seeds/plants. 

I'm not going to plant all the garden beds (about 200 square feet).  I figure less than 20 square feet should provide my needs. 

The cats are good.  Torbie slept with me two nights in a row, always a treat.  She's intuitive and knows I need her more when I'm depressed.  The kittens have been lively but behave.  They love to watch me clean the litter boxes (all 4).   Ron enjoys them.  They like to get up and purr at him, eat treats, and play.  We have a wand with feathers on the end, that works pretty well for him.  He can get the little ones playing, and feel the bed quiver as they pounce and tackle.  He's laughed a lot more since I brought them home.  I know I have, too. 

I didn't go anywhere today.  In fact, with the headache and depression, I got up, did my God Time, took a shower, cleaned the litter boxes, watched a little Law & Order reruns, and then went back to bed for hours.  Why not?  I wasn't up for anything else. 

The headache is a lot better.  I'm just plodding through the day, waiting for things to get better. 


I am so glad I never had kids.  I wouldn't want them to endure this. 


Anonymous said...

pep to turns stools black and you can not tell sometimes if someone is having a gI bleed because it looks the same
can you switch to mylanta or something like that? also it has salicylic acid in it

Ron is high risk for a GI bleed with his alcoholism please if you notice coffee grounds in his vomit or black tarry stools get him in. But as long as you have him on pepto his stools will be black.

be careful he could very easily have a GI bleed from years of assault with alcohol, it affects every organ of the body. this is serious. he could die of a bleed and just seem like he is dozing off.

not to scare you but to arm you. please have him see the doctor he is at risk and vomiting.

Heather Knits said...

Oh, he only took one dose. I do monitor "output" - easy because he forgets to flush on occasion. So far we're fine.

Interestingly enough, I am also at a high risk for seizures, heart problems, gi trouble and bleeding, etc. due to medication.

His grandfather was a hardcore blackout alcoholic, and died in his 90's. He was still being found passed out in ditches right up until the end.

Some serious liver function. My tests come back worse than his (medication again).

Anonymous said...

Heather you just compared your need for survival as a bipo to an alcoholic who is killing himself. Apples and bricks and no matter how much you justify it and find things better as the tide goes out you can not, to me , compare drinking a bottle of rot gut to your need for meds. you are trying to maintain your health he is destroying his. not even close. Yes some drunks live to 100 and some bipolars die early but you did not drink yourself into being bipolar. He is sick with a disease I agree but this is a disease he refuses help for. you on the other hand took on your illness and realized you needed to be healthy to live! and thank you because I love your posts and life would be very sad with out my weekly stop ins :)

Heather Knits said...

Oh, I agree.

About a year after the fact, I told Ron I had signed him up for the tv show "Intervention". I mentioned they had been very interested in us.

"What would you have done" I asked, "If I told you I would leave if you didn't go to rehab?"

"Oh" he replied. "I would have said no, and goodbye."

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