Thursday, January 15, 2015

"You're better than this"

Ron wasn't verbally abusive, just demanding, last night. 

As a result I imagine I was far less shrill than I am on other occasions.  As a result of that, Ron has been far more remorseful and even made a big production out of pouring the vodka down the drain. 

He tried to get me to do it, but I told him "You have to do it".  He did. 

Anyway, everytime he beat himself up, or expressed remorse/disgust for his actions, I reminded him "You're better than this.  This isn't you.  It doesn't have to be you.  This only happens when you drink." 

Ron even asked me why I believe he drinks; I shared my depression theory "But you can't drink while taking antidepressants". 

He didn't like that much.  But I did plant the idea.  "Just go see my doc, talk for a while, he'll decide if you need anything.  You know he's good, look what he did for me!" 

He's thinking. 

I think it could be very good. 

However, as of now, Vodka is the villan.  He just needs to avoid vodka and he'll be fine. 

I don't remind him he had a blackout on light beer, one time.  I lost my temper and smashed all the bottles in the garage.  That was pre-blog. 

Anyway, I keep reminding him "You're better than this" because I really feel that's the message God wants me to convey. 

I just pray I get some sleep tonight. 

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