Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I don't want a smartphone

I got a new phone today. 

For most of my cell phone life, I've had the bottom of the line, or close to it, except a brief flirtation with a basic-model smartphone 2011-2012. 

I found the smartphone annoying, the email alert was constantly alerting me to all the spam in my in-box.  The touchscreen was a hassle. 

My hands will shake, and/or "get dumb" at times, not working the way I'd like them to.  I can still work, blog, take care of myself, the cats, and Ron.  I'm OK.  But the touchscreen proved frustrating. 

When my old phone died I didn't cry, I just got a basic model flip phone, which I've used for 2 years.  It works fine. 

However, a lot of people in my family, and life, like to text.  I didn't have a touchscreen or a keyboard, so I went through ordeals of pressing buttons and selecting letters.  It's tiresome. 

Even my repairman likes to text. 

So, I had an eye out for a phone w/ keyboard.  I didn't have any joy.  They were all either completely basic models, similar to my own, or rocketship control panel smart phones. 

Did I mention I drop my phone?  A lot? 

I don't want a smartphone.  Tmobile had nothing. 

Amazon had nothing - nothing I wanted.  I was looking for an unlocked phone I could use with Tmobile, or a "proper" Tmobile phone. 

A few days ago, I got the bright idea to look at other phones - from other companies, and I quickly found this:  Altair 2.  Perfect.  Simple keyboard.  NOT a smartphone, but had music, video, camera, custom ringtones, etc. 

I told Ron about it, and the price, $50.  I saw they had really good plans starting at $25. 

I also saw they had a "switch" program with 4 free months for me, when I left Tmobile.  Am I married to them?  No. 

Today Ron wanted to go to the mall.  He likes one of the food vendors.  I was happy to take him because he's really been great about the kittens, etc.  He has also been really careful drinking. 

I looked around a little first, and found a Cricket kiosk.  I got a look at the phone, and liked it.  We ended up switching my account. 

Not only is the phone mine, and completely paid-for, I have a new plan for half the cost of the old.  Ron's happy.  I'm happy. 

Ron needs a feature called "Future delivery messaging" - where he can record a message and have it delivered to himself, in the future "Don't forget Heather has a doctor's appointment tomorrow".  It's a digital dayplanner.  He thought Tmobile was the only company to provide them - wrong. 

Ron can save a lot of money.  They even have a talking flip phone, which would be great for Ron.  His current plan is $50.  He could certainly go to the $25 like I have. 

Hey, money's money.  I don't mind saving. 

Speaking of money, one of the clients on our vehicle made a big production about us being self employed, with a lot of envious comments.  Hey, I pay for my life.  I battle complete insanity every hour of the day, and it's hell.  I have brain damage rendering me unable to drive.  Ron paid for our house with his own blood and mobility.  I have to be bright, smart, and clever in order to manage the vending machines, even when I feel like my brain's full of glue. 

We work hard, sweating our way through our workday (well, me, mainly).  I push heavy handcarts and deal with furious customers.  I earn my money, what I make, which is far less than they think. 

Everyone forgets we don't drive, so that thousand or so they are accustomed to putting into car expenses can pay other bills.  We can live a lot cheaper than you. 

Add to that, we only keep about 20% of what we make.  The rest goes to overhead, taxes, supplies, driver, program fees, etc. 

Sigh.  It's just tiresome.  Ron said, basically "I hate it when people ask me personal questions about my business.  It's none of your damned business and we're not rich." 

"What I hate" I added "is when someone wants us to hire someone completely unsuitable.  We own a business, therefore we're just going to hand out a paycheck to anyone.  If I hire someone, it's not going to be some guy with a felony theft record."  (Our last "referral")

Our driver got really upset, and tried to say that "stealing from a store" (or business!  Like OURS!) wasn't as bad as "Robbing someone at the corner".  I said yes, there are various legal definitions, but theft is theft, and "I'm not letting anyone with a theft problem near my merchandise."  She got all huffy. 

I guess she had the perfect candidate in mind, just like several of our other drivers.  Just once I'd like to have someone say "My cousin just got back from a 3 year mission trip to Guatemala, building houses for the poor.  He needs a part time job for a year or so before he goes back.  He has a truck, can work hard - like he did overseas, and was really impressed when I told him about you.  Even if you're not interested in him, he'd still like to meet you, Ron."  Sigh. 

However, should the need arise, I'm sure God will send him. 

About our driver, the last time we had her she complained she was really hungry.  Looking at her, I figured she probably had a blood sugar issue.  I scrounged something up and gave it to her (a pickup from home).  Today, she picked us up at the mall and was furious we hadn't bought her a meal. 

WTF?  I'm your waiter now? 

She pouted for miles.  I didn't care.  I was just happy I kept my mouth shut.  

As you know, occasionally, very occasionally, I will bag up candy with scripture booklets and hand that out to the drivers.  I get resentful, though, when a driver pulls up and demands candy before he even gets out of his seat.  I just tell them, sorry, I'm out, and leave Ron sitting on the curb as I sit down.  If they continue to complain, Ron will make acid comments about it not being our job to feed them, adults should bring their own lunch, etc. 

It's a gift - not an obligation.  I am not obligated to feed you just because you are driving me around.  You are making a living wage doing so.  Without us, you're unemployed.  If I choose to do something nice accept it, but don't demand it or you'll never see it again. 

Ugh.  I am obligated to assist Ron as needed, being his care provider; load my own packages, behave politely; and wear a seatbelt.  That's it.  Ron is required to provide ID and a proper fare, accept the restraints (they tie him up like a bad bondage movie, not that I've seen one, when he rides in the wheelchair), and behave politely while riding.  That's it. 

It's not our job to buy you lunches, hire your loser brother, and share all the mega-bucks you think we make.  Ha. 

They make a lot more than we do. 

Happily the headache's about gone now. 

My lunch, or my meds, taken soon after, triggered a pretty horrific headache.  I started my cycle yesterday so I don't know what's going on - I should be in my "easy" period without headaches. 

If that's the worst I'll take it. 

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congrats on the phone new phones are fun! enjoy you sure did earn it

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