Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trips through hell

Last night.  Did not go well. 

It started out in a fairly benign manner.  Ron got a little drunk and became my biggest fan.  He's sorry he's crippled.  He didn't know he'd have the accident.  He loves me very much.  I am the most wonderful person in the world. 

You get the idea.  He literally crashed right next to his bed and passed out on the floor.  So far, so good. 

I did do a double take when I found him with his pants off, later, but he was fine.  I went to bed. 

And that leads me to issue #2.  House #8 has apparently gotten a third dog (in violation of the deed restrictions and probably against landlord preference).  It's a puppy.  I heard it yelping yesterday morning.  I heard it yelping last evening, forecast low 38 and rain.  I heard it yelping all day today.  It sounds tortured. 

I also wonder how many dogs they plan to add to their family, and how much the dogs will bark.  I know from the whole Barkappotamous experience, a neglected dog will bark constantly. 

I figure it was a Christmas impulse, and they're tired of it.  It sounds very young and probably isn't toilet trained.  They already have a pampered lap dog and a pit bull they breed for profit.  If I had to guess, they're tired of the puppy, so they shoved it in the yard.   

So, I thought about it, prayed about it.  I decided to make a report to the Homeowner's association.  They are in violation.  They just sent out a memo - 2 dogs per household ONLY (and only was bolded).  They knew this when they got the third dog. 

I also asked them to forward a copy of the violation letter to the landlord, so he knows they have 3 dogs as well.  He's kind of a slumlord.  He moves them in and you never see him until he's doing a cleanup for the next one moving in.  When he was renting it back in 2011, he was charging $1300 a month. I doubt he wants them to have a lot of dogs. 

If I don't see any results in a week of so, I'll file a report with the humane society, do a checkup.  My hope is they'll admit they don't want it and surrender it while it's still small, cute, and adoptable. 

That's about all I can do - third option would be writing the landlord a letter.  I might if I have to.  That's about all the options I have.  I do have a huge leg up as they're renters. 

I need to sleep, after all, and the yelps are very piercing.  I also think it's abusive to leave a baby like that to find for itself in the yard, especially in winter. 

When we adopted Baby Girl we brought her in the house immediately.  She had outside access but we never left her outside.  

Anyway, back to Ron.  I heard a crash as I lay in bed trying to sleep.  I got up and found Ron in the kitchen making himself a drink.  I went back to bed. 

I got up a few hours later, and found my brand new bar of soap floating in the toilet.  I hadn't even used it yet!  I was pretty annoyed, the soap was ruined but the bowl water was nice and soapy.  I hope the bowl enjoys shea butter's moisturizing properties. 

It got better.  Lots of crashing, banging, and noises I really didn't want to identify, which turned out to be vomiting.

Ron had an alcoholic in his life, and tells a story of watching this person vomiting.  His disgust, and vow to never, ever, be that puking drunk.  

He began bellowing my name around 3, not in an angry way.  I got up.  He had moved my chair and pushed it about 15 feet, thrown up twice on the floor, once on himself, thrown pizza slices all over the kitchen, you get the idea. 

Ron wanted to clean up the puke - at 3 AM.  I let him have it.  Told him he was drunk, had woken me up, and was being a [censored].  I told him he had to go to bed. 

He mumbled acquiescence and actually did so. 

I got about 4 hours of sleep.  I was NOT HAPPY when I woke up and saw the mess.  Ron woke up and found himself covered in puke.  I reminded him of the story he'd told me.  I had him put the clothes in the washer and started it, while he took a bath. 

His bed pillows reek and are a total loss.  [sigh]   So far we have been "lucky" as regards the mattress, although if it were my bed I'd want another.  It does illustrate a pressing need for a mattress pad. 

Amusingly, he did line up my shoes under the couch, in order, pairs of shoes going from left to right.  He even tied knots in my sneakers - a double bow. 

The rest of the house was pretty wrecked - front room and Ron's room.  The other rooms (computer, my bedroom, and bathroom) were OK.

We had to run a couple errands this morning, so we didn't have time for Ron to do his cleanup.  We went and did our errands, then came home.  I tried to take a nap but couldn't for the yelping.  [rolleyes]

On the one hand, I feel sorry for the puppy.  On the other I want to yell "Shut up!"

Remember I am pretty sleep deprived.  

Ron did a decent job cleaning - using the better part of a roll of disinfecting wipes.  I didn't do it for anyone but me, but he does need to see some consequences.  You puke all over?  You clean it up. 

I don't help him buy alcohol, either.  I resent it when people assume I am enabling. 

I won't even bring him a beer from the fridge, put it in the fridge, any of that.  It's all on Ron. 

[sigh]  What is it lately?  My days off are "like" trips through hell. 

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Anonymous said...

first off Heather good for you and that puppy you are doing the little thing a service and hopefully like you said while it is cute and someone will adopt it! All our dogs my whole life have been adopted from someone who did not want them or a rescue. I have had all the purebreds and mutts a girl could want and in the end they have always been wonderful loving companions others have discarded for one reason or another. I would have turned them in as well. Kids and animals need our eyes ears and mouths. applause dear girl
second, honey you are stronger than the average person, you know that. You are doing right to go back to bed and not buy into the anguish he inflicts on himself and you. I suggest support only to help you remain strong and fortify that is what alanon does it validates you and your methods and gives you the added support of shared experience. People need people and I am a hermit so it is hard for me to tell you that right now ;)
what amazes me always is how someone who can barely walk (Ron aside I have known far too many affected by drugs and alcohol in my professional and personal life). But you see this "person" who is so frail and can barely move on a good day for the pain or inability to ambulate. But when their cravings come on they can move mountains to come up with the cash and find the booze, drug (I can include gamblers and anything anyone is truly addicted to here to they do the same thing). People will neglect everything they know to be good and healthy in life and opt for the fix of an altered state with such energy. You think to yourself "if only they would use it for good" my Ex lost his wife to booze and she lost four kids and has a police record now for DUI's. Then to think Ron who is so frail when we see him during the day sober and so sick and in pain. I have seen the messes you describe. Bless your heart honey. Where do they get this energy when they are drunk? if only they could use it for good right? whatever the "good' may be. Much love dear girl. keep strong be well and yes crazy people need sleep. I know I do

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