Sunday, January 11, 2015

My new plan

Well, it's official. 

I am down 20 pounds. 

I was up above 250 last summer, but I've come down to 236.  However, looking at my Fitday, I'm starting to understand why I had those rude drivers interrogating me about my weight gain.  I did gain 20 pounds last spring. 

That doesn't excuse incredibly rude interrogations, with strangers demanding I tell them how I gained the weight, or remarking, again and again, how terrible they thought I looked - but it does explain the impetus. 

I had gained 20 pounds. 

It's gone now, although no one's saying "Oh, have you lost weight?"  Trust me, when they notice I'll be in for interrogations regarding exactly how I lost, how long it took, what I did, etc.  I just plan to say "calorie counting and working out".  At work I will say I've been working out.  I don't want to scare them away from the vending machines! 

I found it interesting, my weight has been stuck around 220-230 for a couple of years now.  But I've had a hard time sticking with the program due to illness and restrictive eating plans. 

My new plan is essentially calorie counting: eat less than I burn.  I am very active at work. 

My new plan also adds in activity every other day,  weights and cardio.  I want to be "overall" healthy, not "fitness" healthy. 

So, today, after I got up, I put on my new exercise bra.  My larger size (thank you antipsychotics), combined with the front zipper close, combined to give me a *orn star look.  I was glad I didn't have to wear it out in public!  I had quite the show. 

It did perform as advertised and didn't permit any motion.  It would be great to wear during one of my fitness DVD workouts. 

I used the exercise bike - a recumbent Ron bought several years ago.  I checked the weight limit, and I'm fine. 

I started with a moderate workout.  For some reason my computer got stuck on old gospel hymns.  Not so good for a workout.  I got up, adjusted it (Baby Girl was asleep in my computer chair) and had a much better workout. 

Then I did a warmup and some weights, upper body.  My legs are still pretty stiff. 

All done, I ate some breakfast.  I was surprised to find out the hot dog buns had more calories than the cheese dogs.  Huh.  Pays to read your labels! 

I could have had an extra 2 dogs for that. 

Anyway, all the food logging has made me incredibly hungry, so I'm going to make dinner.  I have to go to bed early. 

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Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling better and 20 lbs is a lot put 20 1 lb packages of hamburger in a cart and walk around looking at it LOL..ok not a great idea but it good visual

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