Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yet another post about the man who ran over Ron

I was helping Ron get the bottled water yesterday when someone came out of the conference room.  It was Roy, the guy who ran over Ron. 

He made some "joking" comments about how bossy I was (I had just told Ron it would be easier if I moved the water myself, because it didn't have a good plastic wrap).  I was mildly offended, but I didn't say anything. 

He asked if we were OK.  I looked at him, into his eyes, and said we were "OK". 

What I wanted to do was say "You put him in a wheelchair and now he's an alcoholic.  He can be incredibly verbally abusive to me and I worry about his safety." 

He kept asking if we were "alright", he wanted Ron to answer it.  I knew Ron had no idea who he was talking to.  Ron said he was fine.  He asked me again.  I said we were OK, {that's as far as I was willing to lie}. 

Of all the things I thought I would do, I never dreamed I would be consoling the man who ran over Ron.  Yet here I am, doing it. 

I don't hate him but I do get mildly annoyed at his constant need for redemption.  You made a mistake.  There are consequences.  You live with the guilt, we live with the rest. 

I kept wanting to remind him about putting Ron in the wheelchair and him being an alcoholic now. But I didn't. 

It would be a lot like kicking a 200 pound puppy. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Wow ...you have let go a lot with him! Good for you ! Huge lesson in forgivness
We are all human and the trauma you endure as a result of his neglect is massive and you deserve a break from feeling badly when things flair.

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