Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday night special

Someone had a party last night, or at least played loud music for a while. 

It woke me up right as I was falling asleep, and kept me up for hours.  I couldn't tell who it was and I was too tired to get dressed and try to track them down. 

I woke up exhausted, did my usual morning routine, (did my God Time later) and went to the warehouse.  Apparently they didn't have water, their soda fountain was marked "out of order", and they had portable toilets outside.  Ew. 

I bought my supplies and we waited on Jack.  Jack showed up right on time and we got the truck loaded and went to work. 

When we got to work, things were pretty slow.  I had to battle between helping Ron and doing my own work.  Helping Ron generally won.  Some things I could have him do himself, like, I put some cases of Coke and Diet Coke on a table.  He could get them whenever he wanted.  I did snacks (chips, cookies, crackers, candy, pastry was OK). 

I helped Ron with his stuff and we left pretty soon after we finished.  I took a nap when I got home but I was so cold.  Do you ever get cold when you're trying to sleep?  I do. 

It was about 80 degrees out.  I was looking at my "non-padded" bra this morning and wishing I could wear it.  It is a lot more comfortable, but, as I was reminded today, everyone likes to turn on the air conditioner when it gets above 80 degrees (27 C). 

Houston is a funny town in that regard.  If it is below 70 you will probably see people running around in jackets, and acting cold.  But if it gets above 80 you will find people turning on the air conditioner to 65 degrees and acting comfortable. 

Me, I like warm weather, that's why I moved here.  That's why we generally have a lower electric bill during the summer, I like it about 85 in the house during the summer.  I do like to run the A/C a little at night when I'm trying to sleep (unless I am having one of those cold things, if so I will put on a blanket). 

I got up and we went out to dinner, at the BBQ place.  Ron listened to me.  He was only giving us half an hour to get there, "Because that's all the time it takes".  I told him, consistently, on Saturday, paratransit has proven they will be at least half an hour late getting us to the restaurant.  Make it an hour to get there, instead. 

He did that today, they were half an hour late, but it didn't matter.  We got there just fine. 

Ron got ribs, I got a hamburger.  While we were eating Ron got food stuck in his throat.  He was coughing a lot, but he could talk (so not choking), and drink.  He drank some soda and he was OK. 

He reminded me he failed his swallow test (  after his accident.  He had a stroke, with partial right side paralysis.  For instance, if Ron tries to hold a door with his right hand, he can't, it falls and his arm gets trapped. 

So, Ron was advised to eat a baby-food consistency pureed food diet.  It was horrible.  He wouldn't eat.  I had visions of him with that nose tube (he was fed through his nose for about a month after the accident) forever.  I started sneaking him real food.  He ate it and did fine, so we have been "bad" ever since, and Ron eats a normal diet. 

He thinks he didn't chew his food enough, and that's why his food got stuck.  Whatever the cause, it stopped him from eating and he brought home most of the ribs and baked beans he ordered. 

I ate most of my burger on the bun, but when the bun fell apart I put it back on the plate and ate it with a knife and fork.  I had the burger with a fried egg and some bacon.  It was very good. 

We had a good ride home.  I brushed Baby Girl and Biscuit (Biscuit is the best about getting brushed) and gave them some treats.  I want Baby Girl to associate getting brushed = treats, and hopefully maybe even look forward to it. 

I just want her healthy and that is paramount to me.  It is easy enough to do and she is a good girl (usually) about it.  Worst case she tries to bite the brush.  Biscuit kind of goes "me too" when I brush Baby Girl so I get him, too. 

I don't think Torbie needs brushing, if she lets me I will do it but her fur is always perfect. 

That's it for tonight.  Have a good one! 

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