Sunday, April 30, 2017

A trip to Burger King

Our ride to Burger King was late.  Ron had mentioned he really wanted to go, so I went.  I might as well eat a meal someone else prepared than make my own. 

I acted as if nothing had happened, and he followed my lead.  We had a regular cab (hired by the paratransit company, they do that sometimes) take us to the restaurant.  We got there late because the driver had to come from a ways off. 

The driver remembered us, though, apparently fondly, because he came back.  The wheelchair folded up nicely and fit in the trunk. 

When we got to the store, they appeared to have a full staff, but took forever to cook our food.  It was very inefficient.  It took almost 20 minutes to get a chicken sandwich, some chicken nuggets, and an order of onion rings. 

That's a sign of bad management.  They only had 1 fryer going at a time, yet they all worked. 

Inefficient.  We barely had time to eat before our ride showed up. 

We had a straight trip home. 

Ron's been pestering me to watch a movie but I said no.  He has terrible taste in movies, lousy, stupid, depressing movies no one's ever heard of.  I finally told him "One of my problems with you is that you don't take no for an answer".  He stopped pestering me after that. 

He's sitting in the kitchen now, which means I can't call my parents.  He will interrupt and try to "entertain" them when I just want to vent about the last week.  He's drinking, too. 

I noticed some scabbed abrasions on his right elbow, apparently he hit it when he went down yesterday (one of the times).  I told him "Those are the first times you fell when sober".  He said it was awful and embarrassing, but didn't complain about how I reacted, either time.  So that's a plus. 

Oh, I am so tired but it is only 5:15 PM.  I can't go to bed for a while, at least until I call my parents,

I'm tired. 

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