Friday, April 14, 2017

Torbie colored outfits

I got up at 2 AM.  Well, the alarm went off at 2, and I stayed in bed until 2:30. 

I got up and took my shower.  In the middle of my shower, Ron told me the ride was coming early, and I had 15 minutes.  I hurried up and made my exit. 

I put my wet hair back in a ponytail and wore my black capris with a black t-shirt.  I tend to wear a lot of black when I'm depressed.  In fact, you can pretty much tell my mood by my clothes: neutral = depressed.  Bright colors = normal or manic. 

We were ready on time and left for work.  We got there in a timely manner and got to work.  Snacks needed a fair amount of work, which I did.  Ron worked on canned sodas.  We got our soda delivery, it was our favorite guy. 

While getting him a sandwich, I realized the food machine had a coin jam.  I slammed the door and coins started falling on the ground.  Someone came and helped.  I didn't have the heart to tell him to wait, because once I opened the mechanism, we were going to see a lot more quarters on the floor. 

The mechanism has 2 doors, an outer door, and an inner door.  You just unlatch the door and access the first layer.  If it's not in there, but deeper, you open the inner door.  That gets you deep level access.  Today, I only needed to open the outer door.  I didn't see any funny-looking coins so I don't know what it was.  At any rate, it's fixed and they will have food this weekend. 

I'm glad I opened the machine.  I want everything to work. 

After the deliveryman left, my work was done.  I had helped Ron, I had done my stocking.  So I took the money out of the machines and counted it in the stockroom.  I counted it all and told Ron the total, then I put it in the hidey-hole.  I won't tell you what that is.  I don't want to get robbed one day. 

Ron and I disagree on that.  I am always careful with money in public.  Ron, less so.  He mocks me but I told him, I've had someone put their hands on me trying to take my money.  Something like that changes you.  No one has ever tried to take your stuff by force.  He agreed.  But he still does it.  Drives me nuts! 

After work, we went to the bank.  Ron was holding a large jar of dimes because he decided, at the last minute, to take it with us.  Normally I bring a bag to hide the money because people get weird.  Sure enough, our driver got weird enough to make Ron very uncomfortable.  I kept "reminding" Ron that was just part of our sales tax, it wasn't "our" spending money.  All true.  The driver calmed down a little after that. 

I think Ron is starting to get what I mean, now. 

We went to the bank and did our coin dump, etc.  We caught a cab home. 

I took a nap.  Ron decided to eat trail mix.  While doing so, he broke a tooth.  Great. 

I was pretty angry at him for a while (I didn't point it at him, though) because he doesn't take care of his teeth.  He says things like "It's too late" and "I don't want to".  So his teeth get worse and we end up paying for a root canal every year or so. 

I'm not perfect, don't mistake me, I only brush my teeth once a day.  I don't use mouthwash and a lot of times I don't floss, either.  But I brush every day, with germ-killing toothpaste. 

I just wish he would do the same.  If I felt like he was doing something, I wouldn't get so angry and frustrated when he does need dental work. 

My Dad, for instance, always had terrible gums.  But he used a water pik, flossed, brushed.  When he ended up losing a molar to gum disease, he knew he had done everything he could.  I would like to be my Dad in that regard. 

I do have gum trouble, on occasion, which I've mentioned. 

At any rate, I had a good nap (until I heard about the dental trouble) and got up before my alarm.  We were going out to dinner at the taqueria. 

One day, I will learn.  The place is not the same when the boss is gone.  The waitress spoke no English.  I mean, none. 

I ordered shrimp tacos and a diet coke.  I got the drink, but ended up with fajita tacos.  I ate them anyway, I can probably use the iron anyway. 

Ron ordered a couple of crispy tacos and got what he wanted, but didn't realize they were going to put a lime in his beer.  Ron hates lime in his beer.  That is the slowest I have ever seen him imbibe an alcoholic beverage, ever.  He even drank the ginger brandy faster than that. 

And he hated the ginger brandy. 

I watched telenovelas with the volume off, oddly dressed young women overacting in their little dramas.  It was oddly relaxing. 

Someone put money in the jukebox, and one guy did a Spanish cover of "It never rains in Sunny California".  Ron sang along with it, in English.  The jukebox guy looked rather pained.   He left right after. 

Our driver apparently couldn't find us, even though we were sitting out front, and it was the only Mexican restaurant in the strip mall.  The strip has about 10 businesses.  The guy took 5 minutes driving around, "finding" us. 

Then, when we got in, all he wanted to do was talk about Trump, praising the man to the skies.  I wanted to remind him everyone uses the toilet, but I didn't.  I just nodded now and then. 

I was so happy we were a straight trip, and got home in a couple of minutes. 

The cats are all good.  Torbie got on me during my God Time (before we went to the taqueria), and got hair all over my black outfit.   She's a torbie, which means she is black, orange, brown, and white.  She is bound to show up on whatever I'm wearing. 

I wish I could wear Torbie-colored outfits. 

Biscuit threw up this morning right before I was supposed to feed him, so I waited on feeding them until we got home.  I wanted to give his stomach time to settle.  When I finish this, I'll feed him again. 

Torbie is less "thick" than she used to be, and Baby Girl's belly doesn't seem to hang as low as it used to.  Biscuit still looks about the same weight but maybe I will get a nice surprise in June when I take them all for their checkup. 

Baby Girl is her sweet self.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but she's letting me rub her tummy again.  The girls got into a fight today, I don't know about what, but it was pretty loud.  Hopefully that will resolve without any more drama. 

Maybe I need to play with them, more. 

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Spankadoo said...

I will always say that those cats won the kitty lotto when they turned up at your house..sorry about Ron's tooth I agree ..I never had fluoride try to take care of mine but when I am depressed I do get complacent .
It is never too late but Ron has turned into a nilalist (sp?) it sounds . I hope that is how you spell it..but you know what i mean they just give up on anything mattering but the next destructive thing. Like drinking is an instant gratification to his pain so he rather than think the world has purpose he drinks and blocks it out. I think I got that right. My husband is headed there too sad. I have been head on the pillow unable to move depressed and am on a new med again ..we will see the light is coming back fingers crossed. But we can only stomp out so much with medication being assaulted verbally daily takes a huge toll you do you for sure please! I try.

Happy Easter for real I made cupcakes and am giving them to the neighbors for the hell of it wishing folks "happy Easter" .

If I had a drone I would drone some to you! OOOXXX

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